TV-5 goes dark

TROY — The city of Troy’s public access television station has officially shut down its broadcast, according to its board.

Board director Chris Mastrino said the television station was unable to operate due to the lack of funding.

“We physically are unable to continue and at this point. We decided to pull the plug,” Mastrino said. “We had to stop broadcasting due tot he lack of funding.”

Mastrino said the station will be officially closed on Aug. 1. The station currently is dispersing equipment to nonprofit Troy Community Radio, the public access channel in Piqua and the Troy Historical Society.

“We are taking a lot of the old tapes, including the very first Troy Strawberry Festival parade, and donating them to the historical society for their archives,” he said. “They should be in pretty good shape.”

Mastrino said any funding left over in the station’s coffers will be donated to the Troy Foundation.

“We’d like to tell our viewers and supporters thank you,” he said. “We are sorry we had to stop doing this service, but with the times and the Internet, we just couldn’t keep going.”

In November of last year, city council voted to provide $12,500 for the television station in 2015 and cease funding the operation.

The nonprofit TV-5 used to broadcast city council meetings, provide local programming and other broadcasting.

The city of Troy now has purchased approximately $25,000 in video equipment to video record its own committee meetings and council meetings. The meetings may be viewed on live feed or on the city of Troy’s official YouTube channel or copies are available at City Hall.

The city’s franchise agreement expired in 2010 and no longer required local governments to provide public access television funding.

According to the city’s 2015 budget, the city receives approximately $280,000 from the cable TV franchise account.

The new law still allows the city of Troy to collect a 5 percent fee, but no longer stipulates it must be used to provide public access or states what the fee must used for. City officials have stated the city will use its nearly $280,000 from the cable TV franchise to pay for the city’s technology such as the city’s website, radios and other equipment.