Council to review rezoning issue

Finsbury Lane residents concerned about flooding

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — Troy City Council will have its third reading to establish a Downtown Riverfront Overlay District as well as the rezoning of 8 acres north of Finsbury Lane at its regular meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, March 5 at City Hall.

City staff, including the city law director, fielded several comments and concerns regarding the rezoning application at its Community and Economic Committee meeting last week. At the Feb. 21 meeting, residents expressed their concerns with already present flood issues in the neighborhood in and around Finsbury Lane.

The committee will review the proposed rezoning of 8.015 acres (North of Finsbury Lane) from Agriculture Residential to R-3-B Single Family Residential district.

The property is currently owned by Halifax Land Company and is located west of Piqua-Troy Road and east of the Nottingham subdivision.

Jessica Minesinger, president of Nottingham, assured city council members and residents of Sherwood that if the property was to be developed in the future, the plans may include 11 lots and a single cul-de-sac, which would use Nottingham Road.

Minesinger also addressed water and drainage issues in the neighboring areas of the Nottingham area and how development plans and grading would have to be accepted by FEMA.

Minesinger said any future development plans would include oversized piping stormwater drainage more than what is required by city subdivision regulations. She also said storm water retention would have oversized capacity — more than city requirements.

Minesinger also said her development company wants to “do nothing to make it worse, in fact, we want to make it better” in regards to water issues in the area.

Local residents who live on Finsbury Lane said flood issues currently plague their street and homes and expressed concerns for further development in the area. Homeowners are concerned that water issues will worsen and damage to their homes could increase if development continues in the area. Minesinger made a comment about how Sherwood itself was built up during its development. One resident pointed out that if that was the case in their neighborhood, that particular building practice, using dirt to grade homes up and out of the flood plane, obviously is not working in regarding to flooding.

The city council agenda includes the following:


R-5-2018 Accept recommendations of the Tax Incentive Review Council, annual review of Enterprise Zones Agreements — Emergency first reading’

R-6-2018 Accept recommendations of the Tax Incentive Review Council, TIF — Emergency first reading’

R-7-2018 Consent – ODOT to perform bridge deck work in State FY 2020 at no cost to the city — Emergency first reading’


O-9-2018 Rezone 8.015 acres, part of Inlot 9891, from A-R, Agricultural-Residential, to R-3-B Single-Family Residential District (north of Finsbury Lane) — third reading.

O-10-2018 Amended Ordinance to amend the Zoning Code to establish the Downtown/Riverfront Overlay District — third reading.

O-13-2018 Amend Zoning Code regarding BZA Considerations — first reading. Public hearing set for March 19.

O-14-2018 Amend Ordinances for provisions for low and under-sized vehicles — first reading.

O-15-2018 Amend Income Tax Code per State Budget Bill — emergency first reading.

Finsbury Lane residents concerned about flooding

By Melanie Yingst