Council discusses possible future legislation

TIPP CITY — At their work session, the Tipp City council discussed cell towers, railroad quiet zones and possible changes to the stadium lease agreement with the schools.

There was no legislation on the agenda Monday night and council cancelled an executive session. No action was taken during the meeting.

Council discussed possible changes to the city’s stadium lease agreement with the schools, which were proposed in the event that the district sought a loan to finance the replacement of the stadium.

School board president Sam Spano pointed out that the district had chosen not to seek a loan for the first phase of the project, which was approved at the board’s last meeting. The district chose to advance money from its Premier Health fund for the installation of new turf.

Council also discussed legislation that is making its way through the state legislature that will allow cellular service providers to construct small cell towers in public right of ways.

Assistant City Manager Brad Vath presented council with several option for local legislation that could be adopted to limit the installation of new towers. Local governments may limit the size of the towers and regulate the space between them, as we all prohibit towers in some areas. Vath also said the city would be allowed to charge up to $250 per tower per year.