West Milton outlaws yard parking

By Cecilia Fox - cfox@troydailynews.com

WEST MILTON — At their meeting Tuesday night, the West Milton Village Council voted to prohibit lawn parking and awarded a contract for the 2018 resurfacing program.

Council also hosted the annual student government mock council meeting. Students discussed legislation, including an ordinance reviewing driving conditions in the community.

The ordinance prohibits parking in a non-parking or non-driveway portion of a residential lot, as well as guidelines for what percentage of a lot can be taken up by a driveway. A residential lot cannot be more than 35 percent parking surface or driveway.

Before voting, council held a public hearing about the ordinance prohibiting lawn parking.

One resident told council that he frequently parks his trailer beside his house in the grass and that his property would not accommodate an extension of his current parking surface. He added that he feels he should be able to park on his own property in an orderly manner next to his house or driveway.

“The intention behind this ordinance is to keep vehicles from detracting from our town. I think we have a really beautiful village,” Mayor Anthony Fogle said. He added that the village has received complaints about residents using front lawns as primary parking spots.

Councilman Scott Fogle said the ordinance is in response to questions from residents about what the council is doing to clean up the town. He added that the village increased its budget to hire a code enforcement officer.

Another resident asked if lawn parking during parties would be permissible.

“So if someone’s parked in the front yard for a period of a week, we’re going to see it or we’re going to get complaints. It’s really always been complaint driven,” Municipal Manager Matt Kline said. “If you have a party on a Saturday and you park cars on the yard, the reality of it is probably no one will call and complain … and those cars won’t be there on a Monday.”

A copy of the ordinance detailing how driveways can be constructed, including specific examples of what a driveway and garage can look like, is available online for the public to review.

In other business, the 2018 paving program, which includes Forest Avenue and Yount Street, was awarded to Wagner Paving. The bid came in at $72,000, well under the $105,000 budgeted.

The village had originally planned on a two part paving program, but those bids came back higher than anticipated, Kline said. The second part, a micro-resurfacing project, will be re-bid.

Council also voted to renew its membership in the Ohio Municipal Joint Self Insurance Pool for a policy term of three years at a rate of $61,754. Kline said the village has been with the pool since 1989 and has had very positive experiences with the pool.

The rate reflects a slight 2 percent increase from last year, but now includes a couple of new vehicles, Kline pointed out.

Council also voted to authorize the municipal manager to apply for a loan for the refurbishment of the village’s south water tower. The village refurbished the north water tower last fall using a similar loan from the Ohio Water Development Authority.

“We had very favorable rates. It was a 10-year loan, $300,000 at 0.65 percent. I’m anticipating nothing has changed,” he said.

Kline also told council that the final plans for the Stillwater Crossings development will be coming to council for approval in April, pending review by the Planning Board on April 4. He added that he anticipates groundbreaking in late spring, early summer.

By Cecilia Fox


Reach Cecilia Fox at cfox@troydailynews.com.

Reach Cecilia Fox at cfox@troydailynews.com.