Park board welcomes Emerick

Board explores free tee sign option

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — The board of park commissioners welcomed new board member Jordan Emerick during the joint meeting of park board and recreation board meeting.

Levi Fox stepped down from the board of park commissioners due to moving to Concord Township. The board of park commissioners are appointed by Mayor Michael Beamish.

Director of golf Kyler Booher reported on the possible advertising on the Miami Shores tee signs. The signs need replaced. Booher checked with three municipal golf courses including Piqua, Vandalia and Dayton’s Kitty Hawk course.

Piqua’s Echo Hills uses the same company that presented advertising options, Golf Graphics, which provides tee signs free of charge through the advertising. Vandalia and Dayton’s Kitty Hawk courses do not use advertising on its tee signs, but both have granite signs. Booher reported Piqua’s director of golf Chip Fox spoke of the tee advertising company favorably.

Booher said the Golf Graphics generally seeks advertising from golf course supporters and businesses. The course would receive the tee signs free of charge which could cost up to $17,000 to replace the tee signs, but the course would not benefit from the advertising on the signs themselves. Booher said the company is in charge of the upkeep of the signs.

President Alan Kappers said the board of park commissioners has always been “leery about advertising” and commercial use of public property.

“The other side of the coin, however, it is saving the taxpayers money,” Kappers said. Kappers asked Booher for his personal recommendation, which he said he supported the use of Golf Graphics.

Commissioner Susan Westfall said $17,000 is a “big savings” for the project and it was a positive that maintenance is included.

Emerick said he supports the project to save money and eliminate the work for golf course staff for the upkeep of the signs.

Troy City Council unanimously approved to renovate the golf course’s clubhouse at a cost not to exceed $1.7 million. City staff reported it would have cost double the renovation amount if the city was to build a new building in its place.

Kappers asked Booher to write up some limitations of font, color and types of businesses for vendors to consider when seeking vendors to be part of legal bid process for the tee signs. Board may take action at its next meeting.

Recreation board president Marty Hobart gave a short report about the Hobart Arena’s schedule.

Jeremy Drake reported the farmer leasing the Huelskamp Farm has renewed its contract for the next year. According to Alan Kappers, Ethan Manuel, of Tipp City, signed a contract for one year with two, additional one-year contract renewals.

The park board approved the use of Duke Park Legion Field for the 2018 OHSAA Divisional IV Sectional and District Baseball Finals to be held May 16 and May 18. The board also approved for the OHSAA have the ability to charge admission to the games.

Board explores free tee sign option

By Melanie Yingst