Stonebridge Meadows final plat pending

Council will have a third reading of final plat May 7

TROY — Council will have a third reading of the final plat of Stonebridge Meadows at its next meeting on May 7.

Council member Brock Heath reported at the regular meeting on Monday that he, along with homeowners in the subdivision met with city engineer Jillian Rhoades, assistant engineer Christy Butera and Tim Davis, planning and zoning manager since the last council meeting. Heath requested more time for the residents’ questions to be answered with the help of law director Grant Kerber before voting on the ordinance.

No other council members objected to a third reading.

Later in the council comments, Heath thanked the city staff for taking time to meet with the residents after hours.

Laurie Jackson, a resident of the Stonebridge Meadows subdivision, thanked the city staff for its time to meet with residents to discuss issues during the public comments. She thanked them for looking at the issues and speaking with the residents.

“I really hope we can come up with a productive solution as well as come up with a plan that residents can know about as well as an estimated completion date,” she said.

The ordinance will have its third reading on May 7.

Carol Overmyer, a resident in Carriage Crossing, asked the city to notify Ohio Department of Transportation of the speed limits on State Route 41. Overmyer said the area continues to grow and the last 20 years the area has added several businesses and homes. Overmyer said the speed limit is still 50 miles per hour.

“I think it’s an issue…it needs to change a little bit,” she said. Director of public service and safety Patrick Titterington said he would look at it.

Lester Conard commented that he hoped the relining project was being performed in a frugal manner.

Council approved the following resolutions on Monday:

R-12-2018 Participation in multi-jurisdiction Hazard Mitigation Plan with County EMA — Vote 9-0

R-13-2018 Authorize bidding for the city’s paving program — Vote 9-0

R-14-2018 Authorize bidding for Sanitary Sewer Relining project $100,000 — Vote 9-0

R-15-2018 Authorize bidding for UV Disinfection system replacement at waste water treatment plant $1,040,000 — Vote 9-0

For more information and additional comments, see Wednesday’s edition of Troy Daily News.

Council will have a third reading of final plat May 7