Rotarians host Troy-Hayner speaker

Linda Lee Jolly

Linda Lee Jolly

TROY — Miami County residents are very fortunate to have the Troy-Hayner Cultural Center available with all the events, programs and projects that it offers year round. Troy Rotary Club hosted Linda Lee Jolly, the center’s executive director since 1990, at their Oct. 13 meeting to hear more about the center and its upcoming renewal levy on the Nov. 3 ballot.

Located at 301 W. Main St., Troy, the mansion was built in 1914. It was donated to Troy City Schools by Mary Jane Hayner in the 1930s. Initially, it served as a public library for over 30 years. Once a new library building was completed, the center evolved into a cultural focal point for Troy and Miami County. Annually, over 40,000 people visit or participate in the center’s programming. Each year, eight rotating exhibits and over 60 events are offered, including concerts, performing arts events, children and family activities, antique seminars, poetry readings, workshops, speakers, and international cultural events. More than 90 civic groups hold their meetings and events there each year. Troy-Hayner Cultural Center is also available for public use, such as rentals for private events, receptions and weddings. Throughout 2014, the mansion’s 100th birthday was celebrated with events, programs and events. The center was also named the “2014 Institution of the Year” from the Ohio Museum Association.

The upcoming levy renewal is vital to allow the center to continue to provide the programs and events. The ballot includes a request to combine two existing levies as a single renewal of the current .85 mill levy in order to keep the present level of taxes paid unchanged. That means no resident will pay more for this wonderful structure than they do currently. For more information on the center and the levy, visit and

Early voting has begun in Miami County and all registered voters are encouraged to cast their ballots on, or before, Nov. 3.For more information on early voting, visit

Troy Rotary Club members are always looking for new topics to share at weekly meetings. If you are interested in presenting your business or organization, please visit the Troy Rotary Web site at and submit your information in the “Contact Us” section. Troy Rotary is a member-involved, goal-oriented service club focused on socio/economic issues that have an impact both locally and internationally. You can follow their activities on Facebook at Troy Rotary Club.

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