First DRO application OK’d

Town homes planned for Water Street

By Sam Wildow -

TROY — The Troy Planning Commission approved its first application to utilize the city’s new Downtown Riverfront Overlay District during their meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

The commission heard from Law Director Grant Kerber prior to approving the DRO application for 301-305 W. Water St., on the property owner of Four Sons Development and the applicant Wade Westfall plan to construct three town homes.

Kerber provided the commission with a refresher course on the DRO, explaining that it addresses planned developments for properties under one acre in size in order to promote revitalization of downtown Troy and near the riverfront area. Outside of the DRO, planned developments are ruled out for properties on less than 1 acre of land, Kerber said.

In regards to parcels under less than half of an acre and with less than five planned structures, Kerber said that the process is expedited and that the commission’s decision is final unless changes to the plan are made. For parcels over half an acre and with five or more structures planned for the property, the commission’s recommendation would move to Troy City Council for final approval.

“They are still subject to conventional zoning,” Kerber said.

The commission then held a public hearing, during which local resident Cynthia Schaefer asked what the lighting would be like and where the residents would park.

Assistant Development Director Tim Davis said there will be lighting placed 2 feet from the public right-of-way for safety purposes and that off-street parking will be available.

Schaefer said she was neutral about the project.

“I’m sure it’s going to be nice,” Schaefer said.

The commission approved the project’s DRO application, with commissioner Larry Wolke saying, “This, to me, is what the overlay district is all about.” He called the project “an innovative approach” to improve the downtown.

Also in regard to this project, the commission approved a Historic District application for the project, which they had previously tabled in regard to the lighting. Now that the lighting will be moved back 2 feet from the right-of-way, the commission approved the re-use of this lot for the construction of the town homes.

Next on the agenda, the commission considered and later tabled a DRO application for 846 W. Main St. and 31 S. Cedar St. A new Greenville National Bank banking center is currently planned for 846 W. Main St. as well as a parking lot for 31 S. Cedar St., which would also be shared with patrons of La Fiesta.

“In this particular case, the overlay district will allow for the continued growth of economic development within the city along with promoting the economic vitality of businesses while enhancing the profitability of private investments and will continue to improve the aesthetic character of the city of Troy,” Zoning Inspector Shannon Brandon said.

The commission tabled the item in order to hear more from Director of Public Service and Safety Patrick Titterington and Mayor Mike Beamish.

There was a question of whether the project needed the DRO applied to it or if the applicant for the project could just seek variances for it with one commissioner commenting that he was “less enthused” about applying the DRO distinction to this property. The property at 846 W. Main St. has a 15,681 square feet whereas the minimum required lot size in a B-2 general business zoning district is 40,000 square feet. The proposed parking lot at 31 S. Cedar St. is also 2,613 square feet.

The commission then tabled a Historic District Application for 10 N. Market St., where the applicant for Physical Therapist 212, LLC, was seeking to put up an exterior wall sign. The commission tabled the item in order to get more information about the sign.

The commission then recommended their approval for a zoning change at 530 Crescent Drive from OC-1 office-commercial to R-7 multiple-family residential. The property is located at the north of the intersection of Wayne Street and Cresecent Drive and is currently unoccupied, housing a former medical office. The proposed use of the property, if rezoned, will include multiple-family dwellings on lots with areas of at least 6,000 square feet, according to the application.

This item will go to the city council for final approval.

Town homes planned for Water Street

By Sam Wildow

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