Covington residents vote down street levy

Brown Township voters pass levy

By Sam Wildow -

MIAMI COUNTY — Covington voters residents voted down a 3-mill street levy on the May 8 ballot. The levy would have been for five years and strictly for street maintenance.

Approximately 61 percent of voters denied the levy, with 225 votes against it versus 139 votes in favor of the levy, according to unofficial election results. Approximately 22 percent of voters in Covington’s two precincts turned out to vote on Tuesday.

Village Administrator Mike Busse declined to comment on Tuesday evening. Mayor Ed McCord is expected to comment on the levy later this week.

The county auditor certified that the total current tax valuation of the village is $41,629,880, and the dollar amount of revenue that would have been generated by the 3-mill levy would have been approximately $124,889 annually.

A report from Midwest Pavement Analysis last year previously identified $2,139,154 worth of current needs for street maintenance within the village of Covington.

There has been no alley resurfacing done in the last seven years due to budget shortfalls. Covington currently has no dedicated levy for street maintenance.

Brown Township levy

Brown Township voters approved a 1.5-mill levy that combined and reduced two previously approved levies that have since expired.

Approximately 56 percent of voters approved the levy, with 111 voters for the levy and 84 against it, according to unofficial election results.

The Brown Township trustees previously explained how they did not seek renewing two 1-mill levies after they expired in order to combine them under one 1.5-mill levy to cover the same expenses.

This levy will go toward current expenses for the township, including fire services, emergency medical services, and cemetery maintenance.
Brown Township voters pass levy

By Sam Wildow

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