Local workers win conservation award

TROY — A local Conagra Brands facility team has won the ‘Water Conservation and Wastewater Management’ category of the company’s 2018 Sustainable Development Awards.

These awards recognize and honor employee commitments to sustainability, seeking projects that result in notable innovations and improvements within the areas of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation and Wastewater Management, Waste Reduction and Recycling, and Sustainable Business.

The winning team from Troy eliminated 504 tons of waste in one year alone.

After realizing a significant amount of time and money went into replacement parts at the Slim Jim facility in Troy, Ohio, the project team modified equipment, which reduced unplanned stops and material waste.

“Conagra’s Sustainable Development Awards continue to be a driving force for introducing sustainability-focused change throughout the organization,” said Gail Tavill, vice president, sustainable development, Conagra Brands. “The awards encourage employee engagement and challenge teams to collaborate in new ways, all while creating bottom line results with big environmental impact.”

Other company projects reduced waste by more than 9,200 tons, optimized and improved packaging while using 1,400 tons less material, conserved more than 170 million gallons of water and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 5,900 metric tons.

Not only do these projects help the company meet its sustainability commitments but they also produce bottom line results. Delivering more than $5 million in savings, these projects reinforce how employees at every level of the organization can make a difference and create tangible impacts. Since 2009, Sustainable Development Award projects have delivered $237 million in cost savings.

Conagra Brands launched the Sustainable Development Awards in 2009 to challenge employees to collaborate and drive further sustainability throughout the company. Employees are asked to submit real innovations or projects that reduce water, waste, energy and costs across Conagra Brands’ business channels and have tangible impacts and real business results.