Board certifies May 8 election results

By Sam Wildow -

MIAMI COUNTY — The Miami County Board of Elections formally certified the recent May 8 election during their meeting on Tuesday morning, solidifying the results of the election.

“We had a total of 66 provisional ballots,” Luke Scott, deputy director of the Miami County Board of Elections, said.

Of those 66 provisional ballots, approximately 54 were approved.

“Those 12 were rejected for different reasons,” Scott said.

The reasons that those ballots were rejected included two instances in which the voters did not print their names, three in in which the voters had previously cast a ballot, one in which there was no signature on the envelope, and six where the voters did not register.

Out of the Miami County’s 73,456 registered voters, only approximately 15,529 of them — or 21.14 percent — cast a ballot in the May election.

The total number of early voters, including absentee ballots and in-office votes, was 2,034.

For the official election results, visit the Miami County Board of Elections’ website at

By Sam Wildow

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