Water pressure transition scheduled

Extra-high water service begins June 4

By Melanie Yingst - myingst@aimmediamidwest.com

TROY — City of Troy residents in and around the Concord Elementary School area will have increased water pressure beginning June 4.

According to city engineer Jillian Rhoades, the extra-high water service area will begin south of West Stanfield and North McKaig, including Stonebridge Meadows, the week of June 4. According to the letter sent to residents, the implementation of the water pressure in the area could take several days.

The water pressure is expected to increase 20 to 30 psi at each service connection, according to the engineering department.

The department advised residents the increase may affect plumbing within the homes and residents should monitor their water system during this time. Rhoades said the homes in the area are newer, therefore connection issues are not as likely to occur as in more mature neighborhoods.

“What residents are looking for is an increase in pressure, they may or may not notice it,” Rhoades said. “Property owners should have to do anything, but monitor their supply lines and fixtures during the transitions to look for drips or leaks.”

Residents may see a slight discoloration in their water during the transition, but residents should flush it out by running water for five to 10 minutes to rinse it out. If it stays discolored for longer than that, they should call the city.

Rhoades said the city doesn’t have a high level of concern switching the water service to extra high since homes in the area are new, but if residents are concerned about the integrity of their plumbing they are advised to call a plumbing service to check their homes prior to June 4.

Rhoades said the city did a water pressure evaluation after residents complained of low water pressure in their homes, especially on the second story of homes.

“We are going to systemically turn on valves and monitor gauges on a fire hydrant as the pressure gradually increases, making sure there doesn’t seem to be any kind of issues or inconsistencies and we aren’t seeing water surface anywhere,” she said. “That systematic expansion will give us the capability that if we do see something going wrong, we know exactly what valve to go back to to return it back to just the high pressure zone.”

If residents have any questions or concerns, contact the city engineering department at (937) 339-2641.

Extra-high water service begins June 4

By Melanie Yingst