Rotarians run the gauntlet

Brock Heath

Brock Heath

TROY — When active duty military transition back into civilian life, there can be challenges they face as they reintegrate with families, friends and day-to-day work, according to Brock Heath, Marine Corps veteran, author and motivational speaker.

A city of Troy Ward 6 councilman and Troy High School graduate, Heath shared his insights with Troy Rotarians during their weekly meeting Oct. 20.

Heath is the sole owner of Gauntlet Development Inc. The firm focuses on training, speaking and personal development for individuals and companies, especially transitioning veterans. He works to help veterans adapt to life once their deployments are finished. He also administers the “Blue Vase Hunter Training Series” for high level corporate managers on an individual level, along with groups of employees and stakeholders from companies large and small.

He wrote “How to Succeed in the Civilian World for Military Veterans,” (2014) in an effort to help those returning from the recent Gulf War make a more seamless transition back to family and work life. He knows of what he speaks. After his third deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan, Heath recognized that he had to become the husband and father his wife and two children needed. This self-actualization led to his determination to establish Gauntlet Development and the training program. To learn more, visit

Troy Rotary Club members are always looking for new topics to share at weekly meetings. If you are interested in presenting your business or organization, please visit the Troy Rotary Web site at and submit your information in the “Contact Us” section. Troy Rotary is a member-involved, goal-oriented service club focused on socio/economic issues that have an impact both locally and internationally. You can follow their activities on Facebook at Troy Rotary Club.

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