City seeks to ‘revamp’ Prouty Plaza

Park board reviews first renderings of upgrades

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — The board of park commissioners reviewed proposed several conceptual plans to revamp Prouty Plaza on Tuesday.

Director of Public Service and Safety Patrick Titterington presented the landscape architect drawing and proposed plans on behalf of the city. The cost of the artist renderings was $1,825.

“This was a recommendation that came out of the Active Troy Partnership and related to the downtown riverfront corridor study that MKSK did a few months ago,” Titterington said.

Titterington said the proposed renovation was presented by the MKSK design group who saw Prouty Plaza as an “opportunity we are missing” as an area to gather that would “enhance the vibrancy and activity in downtown.” Titterington said the city does an excellent job attracting people to downtown with concerts and events, but encouraged the city to explore ways to expand its use beyond special events for daily use.

Amenities include adding public restrooms and a permanent stage to the plaza. Concepts range from short term, medium term and long term plans. Other concepts included sidewalks and landscape space with picnic tables and benches.

Titterington said “rough figures” range up to $100,000 for just landscape work up to $300,000 for both permanent stage and restroom facility. Titterington said the city would seek naming rights for the stage by a corporate sponsorship if the park board was interested in more detailed plans.

“Not a cheap project, obviously not something we would be doing immediately. It would take a lot more time and effort and design work,” Titterington said.

Titterington said he was seeking park board commission permission to get their feedback before moving forward with both the project and seeking sponsorship. After discussion, the board made various comments to move the city to seek more detailed and to-scale plans for the plaza.

Prior to their verbal approval, Park board president Alan Kappers asked what would happen to the city’s mobile stage. Park superintendent Jeremy Drake said a permanent stage would eliminate a lot of labor for the park employees which he said gets moved weekly. The mobile stage is used at Treasure Island, Community Park and other areas in the city for presentations. It was a gift from the Troy Foundation.

Kappers said he was concerned with vandalism of permanent restrooms. Titterington said the restrooms could be part of a “welcome center” for a more permanent facility.

Kappers also said the park board likes to keep signage at a minimum to detract from the green space and its use by the public.

Commissioner Susan Westfall said she liked the concept including a permanent restroom area, which she saw as a need in the downtown area. Westfall also said she knows there’s “passion” for the mural on the Mayflower Theater on the Prouty Plaza, but “would entertain something else there, I don’t know, something new and fresh.”

Kappers said “there’s some history there” and jokingly asked her if she knew any artists, which she did not. The mural was designed by the late Aka Pereyma, a Troy resident and artist who was renowned for her Ukrainian pysanky traditional eggs, outdoor sculptures and textiles.

Commissioner Justin Emerick said he liked the wall as it is and like the various concepts. Kappers said the city would have to look into if the wall was owned by Mayflower first before more plans were to be made. Kappers also asked if there was any canal lock left from ITW/Hobart demolition, which Titterington said he was not sure at the meeting.

Kappers asked for an update on the $1.7 million club house renovation project at Miami Shores Golf Course. Bids are due June 20. Director of golf Kyler Booher said around 12 general contractors attended the pre-bid meeting last month.
Park board reviews first renderings of upgrades

By Melanie Yingst