Miami East to finish year strong

CASSTOWN — During the Miami East Local Schools Board of Education meeting, Treasurer Lisa Fahncke gave insight on how well the district was doing financially.

“We should finish the year in the black,” Fahncke said.

With extra monies in revenue throughout the year, including income tax, real estate tax and extra in foundation money, the district has excess money to work with.

“We were under in our budget for expenditures, so that left us in a very good position for a ‘black’ balance for fiscal year 2015,” Fahncke said.

Due to the amount of spending that occurs in June, the fiscal actual year-end balance will be announced at July’s board meeting.

“June is a big month for us in paying out contracts to outside vendors,” Fahncke said.

Fahncke also reported over $3,000 worth of donations were given for the FFA program. The FFA Foundation awarded the program $560 for the ARCOP grant and $1,000 for the Nutrient for Life grant. Troy Fish and Game donated $700 and Market on the Miami donated $800. The board approved and accepted donations.

Superintendent Dr. Todd Rappold gave a “good news recognition” report on the Year-End Retirement Recognition Breakfast that was held on May 29 for staff members who were retiring and current staff members who have served the district for over 10 years.

“It was a very nice breakfast, always very well attended,” Rappold said. “It’s always nice to recognize everyone for their service to the district.”

Rappold mentioned retirees also attended the breakfast.

The decision to provide all day and everyday kindergarten to students for the 2015-16 school year is yet to be determined. Rappold said a decision is anticipated to be made by the end of this week.

“We’ve been closely monitoring the state budget; it’s been quite the rollercoaster over the last several months,” Rappold said as a factor in providing all day and everyday kindergarten. “We’ll have firmer numbers by the conclusion of this week.”

The board approved the 2015-16 school lunch prices. The prices are as follows: grades K-5, $2.40; grades 6-12, $2.65; adult, $3.65; and milk, 55 cents. Rappold said that these are the same prices of last year.

Board member Kevin Accurso made a comment about the lunch prices.

“(The prices are) a reflection of what a great job staff does, I think, to keep the prices down as efficient as they are and what they have gone through with regulations. I tip my hat off to those guys,” he said.

Other agenda items discussed at the meeting:

• The board approved the renewal of liability, property, and fleet insurance from the Ohio School Plan through The Hylant Administrative Services, effective July 1, 2015, to June 30, 2016.

• Rappold said the district has a job opening for a technology facilitator and has already started interviewing. Board approval of a new tech facilitator is to be conducted at the July meeting.

• The board approved the agreement with MDECA for the 2015-16 school year, for the fiscal year 2016 services per contract on file.