Miami County Real Estate


Patricia Robinson, Thomas Robinson to 3 Gen D LLC, one lot, $1,260,000.

Michael Morefield, Amanda Myers to John Marshall, one lot, $100,900.

Stonebridge Meadows to NVR Inc., one lot, $56,700.

Kathleen Moore Trust to Janette Ellis, Kenneth Ellis, one lot, $291,000.

Kristopher Bodey to Tracy Bodey, one lot, $52,500.

Linda Stegall, attorney in fact, Vernon Stegall to Arthur Workman, one lot, $20,000.

Kristen Merritt to Christina Farrall, David Farrall, two part lots, $239,900.

Matthew Leeper, Stephanie Leeper to Steven Norris, Terra Norris, one lot, $251,000.

M3 Managed Services LLC to LMKD LLC, one lot, one part lot, $44,000.

M3 Managed Services LLC to LMKD LLC, two part lots, $44,000.

Adam Winner, Nicolette Winner to Meredith Miller, one lot, $186,900.

David Miering, Jamie Meiring to Cory Wendel, Tabitha Wendel, one lot, $119,900.

John Heffner, Shirley Heffner to Brandon Compton, one lot, $91,000.

Julia Bowser, Scott Bowser to Karen Bradley, Paul Bradley, two part lots, $208,000.

Dial Plantz to Courtney Bellotti, one lot, $89,000.

Community Property Group Troy Ltd. to Melissa Coate, a part lot, $52,000.

Halifax Land Company to Dena Midzgorski, Kevin Nidzgorski, one lot, $119,900.

Halifax Land Company to Dena Midzgorski, Kevin Nidzgorski, one lot, $10,000.

Halifax Land Company LLC to Larry Preston, Sharon Preston, one lot, $119,900.

Halifax Land Company to Larry Preston, Sharon Preston, one lot, $10,000.


Jason Waters, Terri Waters to Thomas Collins, one lot, $195,200.

Tommy Coppock Jr. to Kayleigh Glagola, Tommy Coppock Jr., one lot, $0.

Agness Hurley, Stephen Hurley to Gina Wasserman Revocable Trust Agreement, one lot, $100,500.

Michael Haines to Jily Mae Haines, Michael Haines, 10 part lots, $0.

Deborah Cantwil, Cantwil Preservation Trust to Janice Wehrley, trustee, one lot, $0.

Donna Wright, Steve Wright to J and K Oakview Properties, one lot, $31,600.

George Parker, Janet Parker to Caman Devaudreuil, two lots, $81,800.

Joyce Foust to Rodney O’Toole, one lot, $100,000.

Robert Falldorf to Collete Smith, a part lot, $78,500.

Terri Burkholder, Terri Peltier to Eric Burkholder, one lot, $0.

Ohio Living communities to John James, Tina James, one lot, $179,900.

Don Ruffner, Ruth Ruffner to Lindsay Kazer, Sue Teach, a part lot, $100,000.

Dana Babcock, Sharon Babcock to Max Markley, one lot, $156,500.

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Scott Steffes, a part lot, $52,500.

Kelly Monnin, Ray Monnin to Kelly Monnin, $0.

Kelly Monnin, Ray Monnin to Raymond and Kelly Monnin Trust, $0.

Joetta Kay Argabright, Thomas Argabright to Carol Dove, one lot, $79,900.

Harriet Murphy, Ronald Murphy to Karen Eisenzimmer, one lot, $214,900.

Christy Real Estate LLC to Jane Bloom, one lot, $105,900.

Joyce Curtner, William Curtner to Angela Smith, Christopher Smith, one lot, $33,900.


Robert Morando Sr. to Thomas Myers, Tomel Myers, one lot, $160,000.

Rosewood Creek LLC to Harlow Builders Inc., one lot, $66,900.

RL Snell Enterprises Ltd. to WRCL LLC, 10 lots, $1,850,000.

John Taylor, Marion Taylor to Charles Taylor, Kasie Taylor, one lot, $0.

Michael Decker to Diane Pleiman, Mark Pleiman, one lot, $610,000.

Guido Jacobs, Wendy Peters to Lana Augustus, Sean Augustus, one lot, $349,900.

Carol Cook, David Cook to Chad Cook, Stephanie Jo Cook, one lot, $0.

Estate of Graham Rogers to Graham Rogers Trust, Karen Huffman, trustee, four lots, two part lots, $0.

Searl Daugherty to Wai Cheung to Searl Daugherty, one lot, $0.


Pamela Cain, Ronald Cain to Mackenzie Kuns, one lot, $80,000.

Richard Robinson, Sandra Robinson to Steven Smith, a part lot, $69,900.


Riedel and Riedel Investments Ltd. to Kyle Slade, Virginia Slade, one lot, $150,000.

Edward Hickey II to Vapour Investments Ltd., a part lot, $412,000.

Jane Gearhardt, Larry Gearhardt to Brad Renner, Rachel Renner, a part lot, $30,000.

Brad Renner, Rachel Renner to Robert Hoffman, a part lot, $39,900.

Linda Lyons, Tracy Lyons to Tucker Chaney, one lot, one part lot, $129,900.


Keith Hague, Maxine Hague, Richard Hague to Julia Reid, Matthew Reid, one lot, $22,000.

Brad Kingrey, Tanya Kingrey to Robert Kingrey to Emily Perry, two lots, $39,500.


Melanie Coate, Michael Coate II to Betty Thompson, one lot, $130,000.

Dicie Feltner, Phyllis Miller, attorney in fact to Edward Adams, Nellie Adams, one lot, $105,000.


Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $34,500.


Travis Diltz to Natalie Diltz, 6.059 acres, $0.

Estate of Donald Coleman to Jason Ellison, 1.114 acres, $73,000.

Estate of Ruth Coleman to Donald Coleman, 1.114 acres, $0.

Barbara Lynn, Charles Lynn to Barbara Lynn, 0.2485 acres, $0.


Kimberlie Brumfield, William Brumfield to Brian Blackmore, Elizabeth Blackmore, $360,000.

VSF Development Ltd. to D & S Construction of Western Ohio, 1.043 acres, $50,000.

Jasma Mercer, Tyson Mercer to Whitney Fernandez, Juan Fernandez-Gomez, one lot, $341,500.


Ellen Barnes, Jack Barnes to Amy Colvin, Jeremy Colvin, 10.002 acres, $316,000.

Mark Iiames, Nicole Iiames to Boilermaker Land Holdings LLC, one lot, $0.

John Heffner, Shirley Heffner to John Heffner, Shirley Heffner, 1.0 acres, $0.

John Heffner, Shirley Heffner to John Heffner, Shirley Heffner, 1.293 acres, $0.

BMA Farm LLC to Jacob Barnes, 15.037 acres, $119,100.

BMA Farm LLC to Ellen Barnes, Jack Barnes, 15.037 acres, $516,000.


Andrew Yount, Lindsay Yount to Kyle McBrady, one lot, $172,000.

Clayton Turner, Gregory Turner, Thelma Turner to Haley Brown, 8.1661 acres, $112,000.

NVR Inc. to Gary Reinhardt, Susan Reinhardt, one lot, $311,900.

Wai Cheung, Searl Daugherty to Searl Daugherty LLC, three lots, $0.

April Newton, Thomas Newton to Aaron Quinn, Roy Quinn, 1.781 acres, $180,000.


Eddie Alexander, Teresa Alexander to Eddie Alexander, Teresa Alexander, 80 acres, $0.

Estate of Marguerite Brining to Carol Brinning, Kay Pierce, $0.


Karen Eisenzimmer, Randall Eisenzimmer to Amy Craft, one lot, $345,000.

Scott Investments of Troy LLC to Mireya Bustamante, Neibed Martinez, one lot, $228,500.

Kelly Mori, Korge Mori to Mackenzie Sheets, one lot, $92,300.

Brian Blackmore, Elizabeth Blackmore to Alexis Dedrick, Brian Dedrick, one lot, $321, 500.

Deeanna Schumacher to Marilyn Moore, Michael Schumacher, 79.938 acres, 102.170 acres, 62.897 acres, 118.941 acres, $115,000.


Kenneth Cleveland to Denise Miller, Randall Miller, $159,900.


Dixie Clark, Jack Clark to Dixie Clark, Jack Clark, 5.211 acres, $0.

Annalesa Ingle, Blake Ingle, Bradly Ingle, Brian Ingle, Jenny Ingle to Annalesa Ingle, Blake Ingle, 0.732 acres, $0.


Wanda Gambill to M & M Precision LLC, four lots, $175,000.

Shirley Kraska, Thomas Kraska to Shirley Kraska, Thomas Kraska, two lots, $0.

Victor Ayers, Janie Ayres, Janie Loughran to Rocky Bowermaster, Tracey Bowermaster, 5.001 acres, $358,500.