TMS, rebranding presentations set for council

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — Troy City Council will have a Troy Main Street update and the city’s new brand will be presented at its regular meeting at 7 p.m. Monday at City Hall. Troy Area Chamber of Commerce’s Kathi Roetter will be presenting the city’s brand initiative as part of the Active Troy Partnership at the end of the council meeting.

The city began the process to update its former “Troy, Ohio U.S.A” patriotic image last year. The “Troy, Ohio U.S.A.” was adopted from the Troy Area Chamber of Commerce logo 25 years ago. The cost for the new logo and brand project was last reported $63,525, of which the city contributed $12,500. The logo will appear on city vehicles, signage, way-finding signs and the city’s new high-service water tower on Stanfield. The logo has appeared on the city’s water bill.

In previous reports, Director of Public Service and Safety Patrick Titterington said the city began its “rebranding” process following the MKSK study of the riverfront and downtown studies. Those focus groups led to the rebranding initiative to help tell “Troy’s story.”

The firm BLDG, of Covington, Ky., was contracted to design a new logo and a the city’s yet to be revealed new tag line. The former tag line was “Where city pride is city wide.” In previous reports, a video educational piece is planned by BLDG to explain the back story of the new look.

City council did not have input on the design process since it was not subject to legislation.

Nicole Loy, Troy Main Street executive director, will give a presentation prior to the council agenda.

A public hearing regarding the annual tax budget will be held at the beginning of council’s agenda.

The following resolutions will be considered:

R-24-2018 Annual Tax Budget (Emergency)

R-25-2018 Small Business Development Loan to ADM Real Estate Holdings LLC for $50,000 (Emergency) The funds are being requested to help with exterior renovation of the Wasserman building on East Main.

R-26-2018, R-27-2018, R-28-2018 Delcamp Annexation of 10.284 acres Statement of services, buffering requirements and consent (Emergency) The property is located north of the Creekwood subdivision in Concord Twp.

R-29-2018 Bid Concrete Drive Replacement Project at Fire Station No. 3 not to exceed $135,000.

R-30-2018 Resolution of necessity, sidewalk replacement program Phase 11

The following ordinances will be reviewed:

O-9-2018 Repealing the rezoning application to rezone 8.015 acres from Single Family residential back to agricultural residential district. A public hearing was held on June 18.

O-30-2018 Ordinance of assessment for the sidewalk replacement program Phase 9

O-31-2018 Ordinance of assessment for the sidewalk replacement program Phase 10

O-32-2018 Rezoning of Parcel No. D08-104502, 1823 Peters Road, R-1, Single-Family Residential to R-3, Single Family Residential District First reading. A public hearing will be held on July 16.

O-33-2018 Rezoning of IL 10797 on Washington Road from County Zoning of A-2, General Agriculture To City Zoning of R-3, Single Family Residential District. First Reading. A public hearing will be held July 16.

By Melanie Yingst