Story of Troy: Make it Yours

Troy launches new logo, brand

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — The city of Troy launched a new logo and tagline — “Make It Yours” — on Monday.

The “Make It Yours” tagline and new round logo will be featured on a variety of signage, promotional pins, city ads and other property. The new tag line replaces the former “Where Civic Pride Is City Wide.”

The city began the process to update its previous “Troy, Ohio U.S.A” patriotic image last year. “Troy, Ohio U.S.A.” was adopted from the Troy Area Chamber of Commerce logo 25 years ago. The cost for the new logo and brand project was last reported $63,525, of which the city contributed $12,500. The logo will appear on city vehicles, signage, way-finding signs and the city’s new high-service water tower on Stanfield. The logo has also began appearing on the city’s water bill.

Jay Becker, managing partner and Carly Strohmaier, graphic designer, of the firm BLDG, of Covington, Ky. worked together to launch the city’s new look over the span of six months and presented the themes and thought process at a editorial round table at the Troy Foundation on Monday. The pair said they engaged with approximately 300-350 people from the MKSK downtown riverfront study to build their ideas for the new design.

“Where we landed is Troy is home, where visions and values are shared, hopes and dreams are pursued and everyone has a hand a heart in shaping the future — that is the direct push out from that is ‘Make It Yours,’” Becker said. Becker explained that many responders claimed they just wanted to tell people “how wonderful Troy is.”

Strohmaier said she pulled photos from social media accounts including Instagram with Troy Ohio tags and other accounts to pull together the “Troy vibe.” The ‘O’ in Troy mimics the state of Ohio flag’s ‘O’ as well as the ‘O’ from the Mumford and Sons Stopover tour in 2013. The ‘O’ can also be filled with the traditional strawberry image to promote the Troy Strawberry Festival. The color orange pays homage to the Hobart family and its impact on the local industry. The color navy blue is from the State of Ohio flag and “asserts the warm, modern professionalism of Troy,” according to the press release.

Becker also said the firm is designing way finding signage and is exploring other graphic design work through the city and stakeholders.

Mayor Michael Beamish attended the editorial roundtable said he’s excited about the new colors and image of the new brand.

“What I think is my favorite part is actually telling our story in a better way. I’ve always thought Troy is a great community, you’ve heard me cheer lead for years about our community and I do that outreach as well… the best part of what I see is, we’ve now been able to be unique and we can tell our story better,” Mayor Beamish said.

In previous reports, Director of Public Service and Safety Patrick Titterington said the city began its “rebranding” process following the MKSK study of the riverfront and downtown studies. Those focus groups led to the rebranding initiative to help tell “Troy’s story.” In previous reports, a video educational piece is planned by BLDG to explain the back story of the new look.

City council did not have input on the design process since it was not subject to legislation.

The rebranding project was also funded by the Troy Foundation, Troy Chamber of Commerce, Troy Main Street, Troy Development Council and Troy Community Works.

Troy City Council was presented the logo and brand at its regular meeting on Monday. Due to deadline, the details of the meeting were not available as of press time. For details, visit or check the Thursday edition of the Troy Daily News.
Troy launches new logo, brand

By Melanie Yingst