Troy Foundation awards Apple Grants

More than $18K distributed

TROY — The Troy Foundation established the Apple Grant program to provide teacher of kindergarten through high school students an opportunity to enhance the educational experience of their students. Apple Grants are offered to teachers in the Troy City School District, St. Patrick School and Troy Christians Schools.

The Apple Grant is to help teachers to add to their everyday curriculum by adding programs, supplies or field trips to their classrooms. Twenty-four applications were reviewed in June. The Apple Grants awarded for 2018 are as follows:

Cookson Elementary:

$992 for COSI on Wheels Energy Program

$1,000 for Zensational Kids Yoga Program

$1,000 for Little Bit, Coding Kits

Kyle Elementary:

$787.37 for Alternative Seating for Fifth Grade

$823.09 for Alternative Seating for the Library

$955.75 for Coding in the Classroom for Fifth Grade Science and Math

Troy Junior High School:

$600 for Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition Lab Field Experience

$810 for Virtual Learning Experience for Social Studies Team

Troy High School:

$958 for Winter Guard Equipment

Van Cleve:

$328.35 for Class Set of Atlases and Activities for Social Studies

$448.92 for Scholastic Science World Subscription for the Flyers Team

$542.83 for Scholastic Science World Subscription for the Jets Team

St. Patrick Catholic School:

$375 for a Reading Corner for Grades 6th -8th

$500 for Books Alive! Discovery Workshop for K-2 Grades

$500 for Characters Creation Discovery Workshop for 3-6 Grades

$700 for Fun with Flight for Kindergartners

$750 for Visual Arts, Three Dimensional Studies Using Clay

$968.30 for Junior High Chromebooks Program

Troy Christian School:

$573.41 for Pre-Algebra Document Camera and Calculators

$885 for ELMO Document Camera for 3rd Grade

$901.78 for Manipulative Toy Revitalization for Kindergartners

$999.78 for Foundations in Personal Finance for High School

$1,000 for Learning and Moving with Orff

$1,000 for Guest Clinician for High School Band

Apple Grant applications are accepted one-time each year, with the annual deadline of mid-May. Applications may be for up to $1,000, the total project budget cannot exceed $1,000. The next deadline will be May 2019. For more information on the Apple Grant process please visit or feel free to call The Troy Foundation at 339-8935.

More than $18K distributed