City to conduct park survey

Data to shape future of park system

By Melanie Yingst -

Editor’s Note: The following link is the city of Troy’s park survey:

TROY — The city of Troy will be conducting a survey from the community about its parks system.

The survey will launch at the end of the week, according to Director of Public Service and Safety Patrick Titterington.

The city of Troy’s intern Charles Kennick, a graduate student from Miami University, presented the draft of the survey to the park and recreation boards with a copy of the survey for input at the Bravo Room on Wednesday.

“The last time there was a full parks master plan was the 1990 update, which really was an update from the 1980 plan so we’ve been operating without a master plan since 1980, which is quite awhile ago,” Kennick said.

Kennick said he has been working off of facility assessments done by another intern. He also said he has been researching what other cities throughout Ohio and the nation are doing with their park systems.

”It will give us good data on what the public thinks about things that we think could be of interest in the parks going in the future …” Kenneck said.

Board of Park Commissioners Alan Kappers asked how many responses to the survey would be a good cross-section of the public’s input. Kennick said a few hundred responses would be sufficient.

Kennick said he believes the people of Troy are engaged in the civic process and response for the call for survey participants would be well received.

Kappers asked if the survey could be added to the residential water bills. Titterington said lead time may be an issue for the water bill, but he would check if it was possible. Titterington said the survey would be available online and print copies would be available at the Troy Senior Citizen’s Center and City Hall.

The one-page survey seeks answers from the public about accessibility, current condition and amenities and what features they’d like to see added to the parks, among other questions. Kappers also requested more lines to be added for further input by those who fill out the survey. Other input included asking groups to fill out the survey such as the Mayor’s Youth Council and at the Troy Senior Citizens Center.

As of press time, a link to the survey has not been released by the city of Troy. The link to the survey will be available online at and on the city’s social media accounts. The survey will also be available on the Troy Daily News website and social media accounts.

In other news, the Troy Aquatic Park broke its record season pass sales from 550 in 2017 to 553 in 2018.

City of Troy Recreation Department Director Ken Siler said attendance is up 3,500 year-to-date on admissions as well.

Siler said the department is wrapping up the majority of its summer programs this week. He said the Kids Triathlon was a success with approximately 300 participants from throughout the county state.

Recreation Board President Marty Hobart also commented on the coverage of the Frydell Junior Tennis Tournament.

Siler reported that arena staff will help with one more Treasure Island music event. The event will be held at the amphitheater and will feature a Tom Petty cover band called Full Moon Fever.

Kappers asked how the children’s movie events at Treasure Island were received by the public due to the late evening start. The recreation department partners with the Troy-Miami County Public Library for the events. Siler said approximately 200-300 people attend each event and are well received.

The Board of Park Commissioners will conduct its annual tour of the parks on Aug. 28. Kappers asked the recreation department members to keep their eye out for playground or park improvement or maintenance issues to bring it to the commissioner’s attention prior to the tour.

Data to shape future of park system

By Melanie Yingst