Council to review rezoning issues

Committee OKs both parcels

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — The community and economic committee met on July 19 in regards to two rezoning issues.

The first public hearing concerned the rezoning of 24.936 acres at 1823 Peters Road, which currently is the single-family residence of Thomas and Patricia Robinson. The applicant is Bart Denlinger of 3 Gen D, LLC.

The parcel is located along the Troy Country Club to the west. The property is currently zoned R-1 Single Family Residential and the application seeks a rezoning to R-3 Single Family Residential.

Committee member John Schweser asked if the Robinson home would remain on the property.

Director of Public Service and Safety Patrick Titterington said the redevelopment plan has not been submitted and will not be submitted until the rezoning issues have been approved.

The committee will move forward with a positive recommendation to council in regards to the Robinson rezoning issues. There no public comments recorded against the rezoning issue at the July 16 council meeting. Denlinger, the developer, spoke in favor of the rezoning issues at the council meeting.

The second rezoning application the committee reviewed was a proposal to rezone a 33.3712-acre lot from agriculture to R-3 single family residential. The property is located east of Washington Road and west of the Fox Harbor subdivision. The property was annexed into the city in October 2017. According to the application, the owner is Barbara Ernst Wilson, and the property is currently under contract to be sold to Nottingham Development Inc. The proposed R-3 single family zoning district requires a minimum lot to meet or exceed 15,000 square feet.

No one spoke in favor of the ordinance, but several voiced their concerns at the July 16 council meeting.

Committee member Tom Kendall said there were concerns regarding tile and water issues, “I’m sure that’s being addressed.”

Developer Jessica Minesinger of Nottingham Development Inc., said those issues will be addressed.

“There’s a drainage ditch that runs through the property. It’s just overgrown and needs to be cleaned out. That would happen as part of the development,” she said. She said she is required to pick up the field tile and make sure it is properly dealt with as part of the property’s drainage plan. Minesinger said she sent a letter to adjacent property owners to let hem know they are committed to ensuring proper drainage would be part of the development. Minesinger said she lives in the area and is aware of the drainage issues in the Washington Road area.

Titterington reminded the committee the property is seeking rezoning only and drainage issues and questions would be addressed by staff and the engineering department once development plans were submitted to Planning Commission in the future.

Schweser asked who is responsible for the drainage ditch after the development moves forward.

Titterington said once detailed plans are submitted, the city will know more about ownership and agreements come into play.

The committee will make a positive recommendation for the rezoning issue, which will be presented for a third reading at the Aug. 6 city council meeting.

Committee OKs both parcels

By Melanie Yingst