Tipp to participate in new funding program

School construction program offers reimbursements

TIPP CITY — The Tipp City school board held a special meeting Wednesday night to vote on the district’s participation in a school construction funding program.

According to board president Sam Spano, the district now qualifies for participation in the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission’s (OFCC) Expedited Local Partnership Program (ELPP).

This program allows districts to work on building projects and be reimbursed by the state, Spano said.

“It sounds like a good opportunity for Tipp,” board member Joellen Heatherly said.

The district is still about four or five year’s down the state’s regular funding program list, Spano. It could still have to wait about that long for reimbursement through the ELPP, he added.

The district has also been offered a high co-funding percentage through the ELPP; about 31 percent instead of the approximately 20 percent previously offered by the OFCC.

Spano said the district could complete building projects in stages through this program and ask for less funding from the voters. He called the program a “game changer.”

School construction program offers reimbursements