Troy wins blood drive challenge

DAYTON — The men and women of Troy would not be denied. Last year they reluctantly returned the Troy-Piqua Challenge Blood Drive trophy to rival Piqua after losing by a “touchdown” of seven votes. But the Trojans rallied this fall to become Challenge Champions once again, winning the blood drive by 34 votes.

It means the Challenge Trophy will return to Troy, along with a $1,000 award from sponsor US Bank. But supporters are quick to say this is a competition where everyone wins. The two campus blood drives and two US Bank community blood drives combined for a total of 376 registrations, including 138 first-time donors and 300 units of blood donated.

Last year’s Challenge Blood Drive was a great success but this year’s donation total topped last year’s by nearly 10 percent.

The home crowd at Troy Memorial Stadium cheered the announcement and awards presentation, held just after the coin toss for Friday night’s 131st renewal of the Troy-Piqua high school football rivalry.

Troy held a 114-99 Challenge lead following the September Piqua and Troy High School blood drives. The US Bank – Piqua community blood drive on Oct. 26 had 72 registrations and 66 donations. The Challenge was decided Oct. 27 when the US Bank – Troy community blood drive achieved 91 registrations and 76 donations.

The final tally was Troy 201, Piqua 173.