Democratic candidates have ‘blueprint for Ohio’

To the Editor:

Miami County is a great place to live and the people of Miami County are good solid citizens. The schools in the county are great, the parks in the county are well kept, and the opportunities for business is growing. I love Miami County. That is why I am the chairman of the Miami County Democratic Party.

I want to make sure that our first commitment is to all citizens of Miami County. Our candidates are running on honesty, integrity, representation of all Miami Countians, and working for a brighter future for all of us. Their focus is “People First” and they have a blueprint for Ohio.

Our slate of statewide candidates, beginning with Senator Sherrod Brown, Rich Cordray and Betty Sutton and all down ticket candidates are working hard to earn your votes on Nov. 6. Our local candidate for Ohio Senate District 5, Paul Bradley is a hard-working candidate who is more than willing to reach across the aisle to get results in Columbus for the citizens of Miami County. D.J. Byrnes of Piqua is our candidate to represent us in the 80th Ohio House District. D.J. is committed to stand up for the farm community and the rights to affordable healthcare for all Miami Countians.

Democrats deserve a place at the table in Miami County, Ohio and this wonderful country. We ask for your vote on Nov. 6t

— Russ Wheeler, Chairman

Miami County Democratic Party