Miami County Marriages

Kelly Lynn Carvill, 43, of 7 West Cross St., Potsdam to Brooke Nicole Tofstad, 38, of same address.

Laura Elizabeth Oaks, 21, of 1850 Stichter Road, Ludlow Falls to Jordon Thomas Watson, 22, of same address.

Zachary Scott Thorsky, 27, of 3302 S. Tipp Cowlesville Road, Tipp City to Ashley Marie McNamara, 22, of same address.

Ashley Daphaine Vogel, 26, of 10570 N. Rakestraw Road, Covington to Brian Michael Kiesewetter, 30, of same address.

Shelby Nicole Stasiak, 23, of 2543 S> Greenlee Road, Troy to Corey Lee Layman, 23, of 7072 Dominican Drive, Dayton.

Carolyn Joan Clouse, 28, of 5390 S. Iddings Road, West Milton to Allen Richard Wherry, 30, of same address.

Lindsey Anne Criswell, 26, of 2587 Lefevre Road, Troy to Andrew Thomas Christian, 30, of same address.

Randall Adam Wemple, 35, of 5142 Dayflower Drive, Tipp City to Kortney Eileen Whiteman, 34, of same address.

Justin David McCarroll, 27, of 6067 Rudy Road, Tipp City to Sarah Rose Dieckman, 26, of 310 Shawnee Trail, Centerville.

Brandy Marie Hicks, 38, of 1415 Henley Road Apt. B, Troy to Robert Edward Jones, 42, of same address.

Brandy Dawn Noland, 45, of 4861 Silver Oak Street, Dayton to Ronald Lee Poff, 62, of 470 Hathaway Trail, Tipp City.

Taylor Ann Burden, 24, of 8095 Scarff Road, New Carlisle to Russell Reid Hammer, 37, of same address.

Nicholas Ryan Stiver, 23, of 2281-A Shamrock Lane, Troy to Madison Lee Keiser, 24, of same address.

Chad David Davis, 44, of 5860 Allen Park Drive, to Poetry Lynn Potts, 45, of same address.

Kimberly Kathryn Schnipke, 27, of 8259 Emerick Road West, West Milton to Kyle Spencer Knight, 31, of same address.

Amanda Brittany Rucker, 30, of 233 Elas, Tipp City to Phillip Jeffrey Newland, 35, of same address.

Alexander Mark Bell, 29, of 322 W. Main Street, Suite C, Troy to Lauren Amber McCord, 30, of same address.

Ashley Lynn Roberts, 28, of 4425 N. Ashland Avenue, Chicago, Ill. to Joseph William Lalonde, 27, of same address.

Jack Vernon Meyer, 32, of 1349 Sussex Road, Troy to Christiana Katlyn Smith, 23, of same address.

Joel Thomas Patterson, 35, of 3612 East Grant Street, Orlando, Fla. to Renee Louise Ambos, 33, of same address.

Kevin Patrick Harmon, 49, of 6306 Willow Oak Drive, Tipp City to Kristine Marie Marsh, 48, of same address.

Melissa Sydney Potterf, 31, of 1320 Edwards Drive, Tipp City to Justin Matthew Liette, 36, of same address.

Lisa Diane Felver, 55, of 714 N. College Street, Piqua to Anthony Joseph Oen, 47, of same address.

Alexa Theresa Gruhot, 25, of 12100 Tango Lane Apt. 101, Raleigh, N.C. to Kevin Alexej Keller, 25, of same address.

Kristen Marie Garwood, 25, of 4425 S. Iddings Road, West Milton to Nolan Patrick Staas, 23, of same address.

Morgan Jay Boyle, 29, of 909 Camp Street, Piqua to Cassandra Lee Gray, 21, of same address.

Phillip Matthew Carsner, 33, of 907 Boone Street to Michelle Louise Campbell, 29, of same address.