Council to hold special meeting

Three members absent delays legislation; council to meet Thursday

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — Troy City Council will meet in a special session to revisit several pieces of legislation including Hobart Arena and parking reappropriations, camping at Treasure Island and FCC regulations due to the lack of members present at Monday’s meeting.

Council members John Schweser, Bobby Phillips and Robin Oda were not present at the meeting.

Due to having only six members present, city council was limited in its suspension of the rules, according to city law director Grant Kerber.

Council will meet at 7:30 a.m. Thursday in a special session in regards to the legislation for the reappropriation, UD students and FCC opposition resolution.

The city requested its third reappropriation of 2018. The first is an additional $450,000 for the Hobart Arena Fund to provide funding for additional events at the arena throughout the fall of 2018. The second reappropriation of $15,000 is for the parking fund to purchase a new tracking system.

Council will also review an ordinance to allow the University of Dayton River Stewards to camp and have a camp fire at Treasure Island Park on Sept. 29-30. The event was previously approved, but was delayed due to weather.

Council approved new signage for the Troy-Hayner Cultural Center through the new Downtown Riverfront Overlay district. No one spoke for or against the signage at its public hearing on Sept. 4.

At the city council meeting, council member Bill Lutz expressed concern that the Downtown Riverfront Overlay district zoning could lead to council making more decisions regarding signage.

“I’m very concerned that future applications for the DRO may come forward that deal specifically with signs. My concern on that is we already have a Planning commission, we already have a board of zoning appeals in place. I would hate to try to create an environment that those two standing bodies aren’t heard on this types of sign things.”

Lutz said he hopes the DRO will not create more issues for the sign codes.

Council member Todd Severt said he’d like city staff and council to review the Downtown Riverfront Overlay district zoning in light of Lutz’s comments and to “tweak” the zoning ordinance.

Mayor Michael Beamish said he just returned from North Carolina and appreciated John Terwilliger’s mention of the victims of Hurricane Florence in his invocation.

Council then adjourned into executive session to discuss pending or imminent legal action. No action was taken.

Three members absent delays legislation; council to meet Thursday

By Melanie Yingst