Troy man sentenced for stalking

By Melanie Yingst -



MIAMI COUNTY — A Troy man who stalked his ex-girlfriend — and overdosed on heroin with a loaded gun in his hand across the street from her home — was sentenced to serve 30 months in prison on Monday.

Scott Tindle, 37, of Troy, was sentenced to serve 30 months for third-degree felony weapons under disability and violation of a protection order on an amended indictment. Tindle entered a plea of no contest to the charges and was found guilty by Judge Christopher Gee. Tindle was sentenced following his change of plea hearing.

Tindle apologized to the court for his actions and cited problems with drugs and alcohol as factors in the incident.

“I need help with my alcohol problem,” he said.

Miami County Assistant Prosecutor Janna Parker said she didn’t believe Tindle’s issues were solely alcohol and drug related, but Tindle had issues in the treatment of women and called his behavior “appalling.”

Tindle has served six prior prison terms for burglary, escape, breaking and entering and other related charges.

Judge Gee noted Tindle’s conduct and alochol related offense, but also stated, “Your treatment of women needs a lot of work as well.”

Around midnight on June 17, the victim contacted Troy Police Department stating Tindle texted her and threatened to snort five heroin caps to kill himself. She also stated he drove by her work earlier that day, violating the protection order. Officers located Tindle passed out and overdosing on heroin in the bushes of a home across the street from the victim. Tindle had a loaded Colt 32 handgun and a notebook with letters addressed to the victim in his possession. He was treated by medics, hospitalized and then incarcerated.

Upon his release, he will serve three years on post-release control. He was also granted 100 days of jail credit.


By Melanie Yingst