Concord Twp. bans medical marijuana business

Permanent ban of the process, cultivation and dispensing of the product

By Melanie Yingst -

CONCORD TWP. — Concord Township Trustees voted to permanently ban the cultivation, processing and retail sales of medical marijuana on Wednesday.

Trustee Bill Whidden said the township has placed several moratoriums in regards to the issue.

“We have passed on an annual basis a prohibition of any of this activity in the township,” Whidden said. “The newest resolution we are presenting today makes this permanent. Future boards of trustees can always change it if they want to.”

Trustee Don Pence and Tom Mercer did not comment. The resolution went in to effect on Wednesday.

Whidden also noted how Bethel Township did not take any action to limit the medical marijuana industry from conducting business in its township limits.

Earlier this summer, Jason Wilson, the Chief Operations Officer of Paragon Development Group, attended a Bethel Township meeting and presented his plans to invest $1 million into a level two growing facility at 9292 State Route 201. A level two cultivator is a small-scale growing operation.

The township trustees never placed a ban or moratorium on the cultivation, processing or dispensing of medical marijuana within Bethel Township, like many Miami County townships and cities when it first became legal in September 2016.

Because the facility is already zoned for light industrial use, no public hearing was required. There will be no marijuana processing, laboratories or dispensing at the Bethel Township facility.

In other news:

The trustees approved to reserve the Concord Township Eldean Bridge park shelter on Friday, Sept. 28 for Doug Christian and his presentation of the history of the bridge.

Concord Township Trustees approved to allow an “No Outlet” sign be placed atop of a stop sign at Countryside Drive South. Road superintendent Neil Rhoades said he would check to see if the county would allow the street-sign-sized sign to be placed on the top of street signs. A resident requested the sign be added due to the number of motorists who don’t realize the street is a cul-de-sac.

Permanent ban of the process, cultivation and dispensing of the product

By Melanie Yingst