City to build new water tower

TIPP CITY — The city accepted a bid and approved an agreement for the construction of a new water tower.

Council voted Monday night to approve a contract with Landmark Structures of Fort Worth, Texas, in the amount of $1.59 million.

The new half-million gallon pedestal water tank will be located at the city’s public services building and will replace the tower on Bowman Avenue.

According to Director of Municipal Services Eric Mack, work on the foundation of the tank will likely begin this fall. The project is expected to be completed next summer.

The old tower will be torn down after the new tower is in service. That project was not included in this contract.

Council member John Kessler voted against the ordinance.

“I’m not going to support this because of the change in location and the degradation of safety to the people on the east end of the tracks,” he said. “I feel that this was done for the benefit of the few.”

Last year, the city considered several options for the tower, including a location on South Hyatt near Spring Hill Nurseries as well as rehabilitating the current tower on Bowman Avenue.

A new tank on South Hyatt was estimated to provide greater average fire flow than one at the public services building. Several South Hyatt residents addressed council with concerns about the negative effects a water tower in that location might have on property values in the area.