City addresses Riverside Drive project

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — Public Service and Safety Director Patrick Titterington on Monday addressed the recent concerns with the Riverside Drive Phase 2 project at the city council meeting.

Last week, Titterington and members of city staff presented the commissioners with information about the planned reconstruction of a portion Riverside Drive. He emphasized the city would not be widening the road for the project.

The project includes replacement of water lines and the addition of sewer, as well as the repaving of the street. The scope also includes eliminating the crossing of the Great Miami River Recreation Trail.

At the commissioner’s meeting, Titterington also said that the city has offered to cover the cost for property owners to hook into the new sewer line and abandon their septic systems. Residents would have to annex their properties into the city of Troy to hook up to the sewer systems.

In a letter to the published in today’s Troy Daily News, residents address their concerns. In the letter, residents state they are concerned with the planned movement of the bike trail to the west side of the roadway, intersecting with 12 driveways. Residents said they are concerned with the safety of the trail users and the traffic in and out of their homes intersecting with the trail. Residents also said they proposed three alternatives and felt their input was ignored by city staff.

Titterington said the recreational trail’s new location would eliminate the need to cross the road and the trail would be maintained by the city. Construction is expected to begin at the end of the year or early next year. An application for the right-of-way from the county is expected soon. Titterington said he hopes to have a bid authorization presented in November.

Council members asked Titterington a variety of questions regarding the project, including about the residents’ mailboxes.

Titterington said the city is still discussing options with residents impacted by the project. Residents had until Oct. 1 to declare their intentions to hook up to the project’s sanitary sewers.

Troy City Council amended its agenda to add an ordinance for the replat application and right-of-way dedication for the Kettering Medical Center on Monday.

According to clerk of council Sue Knight, information regarding the ordinance was received late Friday and president of council Marty Baker approved the legislation be added to the agenda by a council vote.

Council member Robin Oda asked city staff why the ordinance was considered an emergency. Director of Public Service and Safety Patrick Titterington said, “It’s related to keeping the project on track. It is in the middle of the project. This is part of a planned development that they are going to submit for the planned building in the back, so to get the process started they needed to get this done as soon as possible.”

The ordinance was unanimously approved by council.

In other news:

President of Council Marty Baker asked how much the city paid to paint the poles and signs throughout the city. Titterington said the city paid $44,000. The project was part of the $90,000 wayfinding project that was offset by funding from the Troy Foundation.

Titterington also reported the UD river stewards canoed from Piqua to Troy last weekend. Council member Robin Oda asked about the SmithFly floating tents cost. Titterington said the city purchased 10 tents for $900 each and received a grant of $5,000 to buy the tents from the Troy Foundation. Titterington said the city would be exploring programs to use the floating tents in its future event planning.

Resident Lester Conard told the city they needed to do more crack filling to smooth out the city’s roadways. Titterington said the city performs the task once a year. Conard said the city needed to do it more often for the benefit of all residents.

Mayor Michael Beamish recognized the outgoing group of seventh graders who served on the Mayor’s Youth Council. Beamish said the group was the most dedicated youth council who attended each event and meeting throughout their two-year term.

The outgoing members of the youth council include: Ronan Watkins, Elizabeth Katwyk, Lucas “Landon” Hill, Kellen Miller, Robert Cox, Sienna Mader, Nathan Harju, Cooper Dues, Anna Twiss and Gwen Harris.

The new members of the youth council include: Nate Reynolds, Klowey Kerr, Colin Lynch, Aiden Kirkpatrick, Alex McAdams, Jaelynn Smith, Landry Niles, Andre Menezes, Grace Davis and Kendall Kerber.

By Melanie Yingst