Opposition to State Issue 1 on council agenda

Annexation, public health funding requests

By Melanie Yingst - myingst@aimmediamidwest.com

TROY — Troy City Council will meet to review a variety of legislation at its meeting at 7 p.m. Monday at City Hall.

Council will review the following resolutions:

• R-41-2018 2019 — Funding to Miami County Health District, $355,103.33 — first reading.

The funding is for the 2019 payment for Miami County Health District services. There was an increase of 1.4 percent from the 2018 funding.

• R-42-2018 — Bid water line improvements, $500,000 — first reading.

The project includes replacing the 4-inch waterlines with 8-inch lines on Ellis Street between Franklin and Race Drive, on Clay Street between West Street and Racer Street and on Canal Street from Floral Avenue to Main Street. The project has been designed and if approved, will go out to bid.

• R-43-2018 — J&B Annexation, 6.1241 acres, statement of services — Emergency first reading.

• R-44-2018 — J&B Annexation, 6.1241 acres, buffering statement — Emergency first reading.

• R-45-2018 — J&B Annexation, 6.1241 acres, consent — Emergency first reading.

The property is located on Union Street, north of County Road 25-A and is zoned I-2 general industrial.

• R-46-2018 — Oppose State Issue 1 — Emergency first reading.

The law and ordinance committee agreed to recommend to object to State Issue 1. State Issue 1 is a proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution that would reduce drug related crimes.

• R-47-2018 Submit Funding Application to MVRPC for West Main Street Corridor Project — Emergency first reading

The finance committee OK’d a request for the city to seek a Surface Transportation Program grant application for the West Main Corridor Project Phase 2. The grant would commit the city to paying no greater than 25 percent of the total project. The current project is estimated to cost $6.5 million.

The West Main Corridor project is from the Public Square to the Interstate 75 area. Improvements include widening of lanes, curbs and gutter, sidewalks and stormwater systems as well as a median adjacent to the Kettering’s Troy hospital and curb lawns. Phase 1 will be from the Public Square to Ridge Avenue and Phase 2 will be west of Ridge Avenue to the I-75 northbound ramps. According to the report, the ODOT Urban Resurfacing Project is for the entire length of the West Main Corridor. ODOT has agreed to work with the city of Troy for both phases with a funding split of 80/20. Phase 1 of the project is scheduled for fiscal year 2022 and will be bid in March 2022.

R-48-2018 Chacres LLC to assume CDBG Loans to P&C Ventures LLC — Emergency first reading.

R-49-2018 SBD Loan to Chacres LLC, $100,000 — Emergency first reading.

The finance committee will have a positive recommendation for a loan application for Chacres LLC from the small business development revolving loan fund for $100,000 for the purchase of 2 E. Main St. for the relocation and expansion of Haren’s Market.

Loan terms include a 30-year loan term, 4.5 percent simple interest, and collateral will be a second mortgage on the real estate and personal guaranties. Owner Connor Haren proposed to purchase the 2 E. Main St. portion of the building and convert it into Haren’s Market. As part of the purchase price of $375,000, Haren proposed to assume the existing two loans as well as the new request for a small business development loan. In the report, Abbey Credit Union will also loan funds for the project for remodeling and equipment purchase costs. The total cost of the project, including city loans, is $875,000.

Six months of deferred payment from the closing, followed by interest only payments, was also requested.

Council will review the following ordinances:

• O-44-2018 Accept Final Plat of Fox Harbor Subdivision Section 5 and Right-of-Way Dedication — first reading.

The plat contains 35 building lots on 8.314 acres. The zoning R-4 single family residential district. Fees in lieu of dedicated green space will be paid to the city.

• O-45-2018 Accept Delcamp Annexation, 10.284 Acres Generally North of the Creekwood Subdivision — first reading.

The annexation was previously approved by the county and has completed its 120 day period. The was no action on the annexation.

• O-46-2018 Re-appropriation — first reading.

Fund transfer of $120,000 relating to the Small Business Development Revolving Loan Fund is requested.

Annexation, public health funding requests

By Melanie Yingst