Bethel seeks substitute levy

By Cecilia Fox -

BETHEL TWP. — On Election Day, Bethel Local Schools is asking voters to consider approving a 3.49 mill, 10-year substitute levy.

According to Brennon Hattery, the district’s treasurer, a substitute levy allows districts experiencing “exceptional growth” and new construction to capture new growth.

“As you have more growth, you’re going to have more enrollment. As we get more and more students because of the new development, it allows us to capture that growth with this levy,” he said.

There are no new taxes for current property owners and the levy is maintained at the original dollar amount, but it enables the district to collect taxes on residential and commercial properties improved after its passage.

Taxpayers will also continue to benefit from the 12.5 percent property rollback provision on levies passed before November 2013.

The original levy was an emergency levy, generating about $531,000 per year. Districts can only put substitute levies on the ballot if there is already an emergency levy that it can be exchanged with.

The levy generates approximately 4.3 percent of the district’s operating revenue, which is used on day-to-day operational expenses like utilities, bus fuel, custodial services, building insurance and state audit fees.

By Cecilia Fox

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