Troy man sentenced to year in prison

Family set up out-of-state rehab; Court orders prison term

By Melanie Yingst -



MIAMI COUNTY —A Troy man will spend a year in prison for stealing a car from a dealership and forging checks he stole from a family member.

Colin Messler, 22, asked Miami County Common Pleas Court Judge Christopher Gee “for one more chance to fix this” at his sentencing hearing on Monday.

Judge Gee sentenced Messler to serve 12 months in prison for grand theft auto and nine months in prison for fourth degree felony receiving stolen property and forgery. The sentences will run concurrent to one another. Messler was also ordered to pay $2,557.29 to Erwin Dodge Jeep dealership and was granted 52 days of jail credit. Gee also terminated Messler’s current community control order due to his violations of its terms.

According to court records, Messler’s family had arranged for him to enter a rehabilitation facility on a ranch in Montana if he was placed on community control.

Miami County Assistant Prosecutor Janna Parker asked the court to send Messler to prison due to his prior criminal record and repeated probation violations, including the offenses which occurred while he was on community control. Parker said Messler could still attend the out-of-state rehab program upon his release from prison.

Judge Gee stated Messler had been on community control since 2015.

Gee also noted Messler completed the MonDay program, an in-patient lock-down treatment facility in August 2017, but failed to enroll in Drug Court and other conditions of community control.

Gee said it appeared to the court that Messler viewed community control as a “somewhat annoying interruption in your lifestyle.”

Gee stated Messler still had family support, which he said Messler should be fortunate since many defendants lack that kind of support.

“Up until now, you haven’t showed any interest in changing and I’m not confident in my own mind that you are in a position to make changes yet,” Gee said.

Family set up out-of-state rehab; Court orders prison term

By Melanie Yingst