Miami East to have all-day kindergarten


CASSTOWN — As stated at the Miami East Board of Education meeting on Monday, the board has determined on Friday to provide all-day, everyday kindergarten in the district starting for the 2015-16 school year.

The decision was based on whether the funds were available to allow this change, Superintendent Dr. Todd Rappold said. Although Miami East is the only school district in Miami County that is not seeing an increase or decrease in state funding, the board is confident that the funds are there.

“We feel like we are in good enough financial shape to institute the all-day, everyday kindergarten,” Rappold said.

Rappold said parents were informed of the possibility of extending the days and time of kindergarten for the upcoming year during kindergarten registration in the spring.

With students experiencing kindergarten twice as much as before, the board thinks it’s important for the children and will make a difference in them socially, creatively, and academically, Rappold said.

According to a release on the Miami East Elementary website (, studies say that all-day, everyday kindergarten contributes to increased school readiness, leads to higher academic achievement, supports literacy and language development, and provides social and emotional benefits.

When asked if there are anything additional parents need to do when preparing their child for all-day, everyday kindergarten, Rappold said parents have done well at preparing their children in the past and encourage parents to keep doing so.

“I’m fairly confident that kids are ready for all day and everyday kindergarten based on past experience of parents preparing their children,” Rappold said.

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