Troy Police Department reports

Information provided by the Troy Police Department:

Oct. 15

BURGLARY: Officers responded to the 500 block of Grant Street around 5:45 a.m.. The reporting party stated she was getting ready for work when a white male began knocking on her door and was refusing to leave. Officers located Nicholas Brown, 25, of Tipp City, standing on the enclosed porch. Officers also located a Diet Coke bottle stolen from the porch from the residence. Brown appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. He claimed he was looking for a friend.

He was charged with second degree felony burglary and incarcerated.

Oct. 16

JUVENILE ISSUE: An officer investigated a report of a Troy Junior High School student who possess marijuana in his locker. The juvenile had two “roaches” and a pack of matches in his bookbag. The property was turned over and the juvenile was charged with drug possession.

JUVENILE ISSUE: Three Troy Junior High School females were charged with unruly following an investigation of another female juvenile who was struck in the face and shoved as she walked home the day prior.

Oct. 17

OPEN CONTAINER: Dustin Reedy, 35, of Piqua, was charged with open container and obstructing official business.

Oct. 18

OPEN CONTAINER: Nathan Collett, 29, of Sidney, was charged with open container.

POSSESSION: Amber Ashburn, 46, of Troy, was cited for fourth degree felony possession of drugs.

Oct. 19

POSSESSION: Heather Opperman, of Sidney, was charged with third degree felony possession of drugs and tampering with evidence.

POSSESSION: Shannon Glover, 41, of Christiansburg, was charged with possession of drugs.

Oct. 20

DISORDERLY: An officer cited Joseph Faehl, 56, of Troy, with disorderly conduct.

INDUCING PANIC: Samuel Box, 26, of Troy, was charged with inducing panic.

POSSESSION: Logan Bell, 35, of Troy was cited for possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia.

DISORDERLY: An officer cited Rosezetta Park, 39, of Troy, with disorderly conduct.

OVI: An officer cited Shawn Manson, 46, of Tipp City, with OVI, OVI Refusal with prior conviction and marked lanes.

Oct. 21

JUVENILE ISSUE: An officer was dispatched to the area of the CSX train trestle behind Hobart Cabinet on E. Water St. in reference to subjects using drugs. Two juveniles were found under the trestle. One was found in possession of marijuana. The 15 year-old male juvenile was charged for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

OPEN CONTAINER: Valena Robinson, 18, of Troy, was charged with offenses involving underage persons and open container.

Oct. 22

POSSESSION: An officer cited Noah Shoemaker, 18, of Troy, for possession of drugs.

Oct. 23

MENACING: Timothy Roth, 35, of Troy, was charged with two counts of misdemeanor menacing and criminal damaging.

POSSESSION: An officer cited Tristan Meek, 19, of Troy, for possession of drug paraphernalia, third degree felony trafficking drugs, fourth degree felony illegal cultivation of marijuana, and two counts of fifth degree drug possession.

MENACING: An officer cited Brandi Nevels, 24, of Piqua, for menacing.

ASSAULT: An officer cited Robert Allen, 28, of Troy, for assault.

Oct. 24

POSSESSION: An officer cited Patricia Shoop, 41, of Troy, for possession of drugs.

POSSESSION: Jason Hanselman, 29, of Troy, was cited for possession of drugs, abuse of harmful intoxicants and second degree felony assault.

WELFARE CHECK: An officer responded to an undisclosed location for a report of a baby in poor living conditions. The child was removed from the home to stay somewhere else. A report was forwarded to the health department and children’s services. Case pending.

Oct. 25

OPEN CONTAINER: Loretta Spurgeon,26, of Troy, was cited for open container at the Shell Station on West Main Street.

Oct. 26

OVERDOSE: An officer responded to Faurecia in reference to an overdose complaint. A male was initially unresponsive, but came to before medics arrived. A syringe, a tie-off and suspected heroin was located at the scene. The subject refused medical treatment. Case pending.