Shooting hoax leads to arrest warrant

Man sought for inducing panic

By Sam Wildow -

PIQUA — A local man is being charged with inducing panic for joking about shooting his girlfriend on Tuesday evening, prompting police to force their way into an empty residence.

Shannon E. Hunter, 36, of Piqua, is being charged with first-degree misdemeanor inducing panic in connection with this incident regarding a shooting hoax.

“It was reported that there was a female inside a residence that was shot three times in the chest,” Deputy Chief Jason Preston of the Piqua Police Department said.

Hunter reportedly approached people he knew outside of his residence and told them that he had shot his girlfriend three times in the chest on the 600 block of South Wayne Street on Tuesday evening at approximately 8 p.m.

“The person on the street thought he was serious,” Preston said.

The passersby called 9-1-1, and police responded to the area, where the passersby pointed to the house where they believed a shooting victim was.

“They (police) ended up forcing their way in, and no one was inside,” Preston said.

Police contacted the alleged victim by phone, who stated she was fine.

“She wasn’t even at the residence,” Preston said.

Hunter told some that he been joking about the incident, but he was no longer in the area.

“He had already ran away from the area,” Preston said.

The Piqua Police Department is seeking an arrest warrant for Hunter.

Man sought for inducing panic

By Sam Wildow

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