City considers adding deputy police chief

By Cecilia Fox -

TIPP CITY — The Tipp City Police Department could be adding a new deputy chief position early next year.

Police Chief Eric Burris presented council with the proposed position description during Monday night’s work session.

According to Burris, the creation of a position between the chief and the sergeants is intended to create opportunities for advancement within the department and take over some administrative duties.

“It relieves the sergeants of a lot of their administrative duties, puts them back out on patrol instead of them being in the office. So that increases our patrol strength. The sergeants will be on the scene more often to provide guidance, coaching and development for all of our patrol officers,” he said.

A deputy chief would be expected to supervise all sergeants, officers and records staff, manage payroll, develop training plans and work closely with the chief.

In taking over some of those administrative duties from the sergeants, Burris added that the position would ease division between the sergeants.

“All the sergeants will have the same level of responsibility after this change, so no one feels more or less important than the other,” he said.

Burris said there is some conflict with “one sergeant directing others,” like when one is in charge of all the scheduling, for example.

“This has been going on since I was a sergeant,” he said. “Adding the deputy chief and having them take these duties over gives (the sergeants) that positional authority and there’s a better and more clearly defined chain of command.”

The proposed change would also eliminate a full-time record clerk position. Burris told council he waited to propose the new position until a retirement, one of the record clerks, came up in the department.

“If we make this change now, it allows us to utilize our employees better. We still maintain the same number of personnel. By eliminating that clerk’s position at the same time as we add the deputy chief, we absorb a large chunk of the salary increase,” Burris said.

Burris said the cost to add a deputy chief would start at $133,417. He added that, if approved, he expected to fill the position by early spring 2019.

Burris noted that adding the position would prepare someone to take over in his absence. He added that the deputy chief is not intended to automatically be the next chief of police.

By Cecilia Fox

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