TCS to hold safety training for staff

No school for students Dec. 7

By Melanie Yingst - Troy Daily News

TROY — On Monday, Troy City Schools board of education approved giving students a day off school while teachers participate in school safety training.

Students will not have school on Friday, Dec. 7. Superintendent Chris Piper told the board that Troy Police Department will conduct in-service training sessions throughout the day for its 500 staff members.

“We’ve been working with Troy Police Department to set up training for our staff. The only change in this calendar is to not have school for students on Dec. 7, so we can work with our staff on school safety situations, walk them through some scenarios and have an active day to have discussions about how we handle different scenarios. We are working closely with the Troy Police Department to set that up.”

Piper said staff will meet as a whole to review a presentation by the Troy P.D. and then split up into two sessions. Primary teachers and support staff will train at Concord Elementary and the secondary teachers will participate at the Troy High School campus.

“I appreciate the district is taking this step. It’s something we are conscious of,” said President Doug Trostle.

Board member Susan Borchers said, “It’s unfortunately highly relevant these days.” Borchers asked if there will be any training for students. Piper said the in-service training on Dec. 7 will help drive discussions in classrooms and said staff is careful about grade level-appropriate conversations with students about school safety.

Piper also presented the board with an update on several state-mandated policy changes. One policy includes allowing students who have been suspended to make up school work.

Director of Curriculum and Instruction Michael Moore reported about the district’s testing. Vice President Tom Kleptz asked what was being done to prepare students for the ACT. Moore said department heads at Troy High School are working to help students prepare for the ACT, which will be ready in the spring. Other changes include testing arrangements for gifted students in second and fifth grades. Moore also reported to the board how Troy City Schools is in charge of testing students at West Central Juvenile Detention Center, although scores follow students to their home districts.

The board reviewed a memorandum of understanding with the Troy City Education Association regarding the athletic and non-athletic supplemental pay schedules on a permanent basis. The memo set a formula for after-school clubs using time and number of students engaged in the activity to determine supplemental pay. The board will take action at a later date.

“For us to be able to recognize the leadership of those programs is important,” said Trostle.

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No school for students Dec. 7

By Melanie Yingst

Troy Daily News