College Credit program may impact head of class

Superintendent advises of program’s weighted grading system

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — At Monday’s regular board of education meeting, Troy City Schools Superintendent Eric Herman reported the state’s new College Credit Plus program could possibly impact the district’s valedictorian and salutatorian awards in the future.

Board member Dave Heffner was not present at the meeting.

“Those programs have some stipulations on how kids are graded and what that grade is going to do,” Herman said. “Because of that, it’s going to eventually going to change how we decide who the valedictorian and salutatorian is at Troy.”

Herman said the program offers students as young as seventh grade in junior high the opportunity to take college classes and earn high school credits at the same time by taking college courses from community colleges or universities. The College Credit Plus program also uses a weighted grading scale.

Herman said other schools around the state are using grading systems and other measures like the SAT and ACT to help select their class valedictorians and salutatorian.

“Here in Troy we’ve always had one valedictorian and one salutatorian so our hope is that we can stay like that because traditionally I think that is what people like and it’s what we’ve come to know,” Herman said. “Because of the way the system is, there may come a point in time where mathematically it just doesn’t work that way and there may be multiple (valedictorians and salutatorians).”

Herman also encouraged the board to continue to seek community members to help with a variety of committees needed to explore the district’s facilities plan in the upcoming months.

“At our work session I talked about our buildings and where we are going to go with the future of our buildings,” Herman said. “I just want to keep it out there and we are going to continue the discussion after the first of the year. The age of our buildings are such that we have a couple buildings, one is that is over 100 and another that is pushing 100, that we need to get together and have some discussions with the community on what we need to do.”

Herman said the future meetings will explore whether the district will build new or renovate existing buildings or a combination of the two options.

“We are just at that point where we have enough buildings that have reached the age where we have to decide one way or the other,” Herman said. “We need to figure out what the solution is here. We know our buildings are in great shape so it’s kind of a weird problem to have.”

Herman said despite the age of its buildings, the only building that has air conditioning is the junior high school.

“Obviously they are older — we don’t have air conditioning or those types of things — but the buildings are in great shape. So we can’t say there’s anything falling down, that’s not the case at all. It’s just a matter of we can’t keep up with the capital improvement level we have to keep them under repair because as they age it takes more and more money to keep them up.”

Herman said the district will continue seeking community members who are interested in assisting with the facilities planning process. If you are interested, contact your board of education member or the board office for more information.

Herman also reminded the board of the district’s five-year, 5.8 mills renewal levy on the March 15 ballot.

The board appointed Doug Trostle as president pro-tem for its reorganization meeting at 5:30 p.m. Jan. 11.

Troy Basketball Parents Association member Tom Funderburg presented board members a poster calender and information about a special basketball tournament being held at Hobart Arena on Feb. 6.

Funderburg said in honor of the “100 Years of Hoops” commemorating a century of Troy High School basketball’s first official home court at Van Cleve, both boys and girls basketball teams will play at the arena against Tippecanoe High School. Funderburg said plans are under way to incorporate several fun events with sponsors and other activities for the teams and fans at the arena.

“We believe in 1915 when Van Cleve first opened its school, it was the first time ever that Troy had a home court to play basketball,” Funderburg said, noting the school played basketball prior to that date, but did not have a home court. “We want to commemorate this season with a special game that is going to be played at Hobart Arena on Feb. 6 against Tipp City. It will be an all girls, all boys contest starting around 11 a.m. with the varsity games starting in the evening like normal.”

The 2015-2016 Trojan basketball “100 years of Hoops” varsity schedule commemorative calender for both girls and boys games is available at the Troy Daily News office during regular business hours. The poster-sized calender is available for free and is made possible by the following list of sponsors: Troy Daily News, Mainsource Bank, Heath Murray State Farm Insurance, The Troy Foundation, Troy Noon Optimists, First Systems Inc., Collier Electric and Creative Labels.

Superintendent advises of program’s weighted grading system

By Melanie Yingst

Reach Melanie Yingst at or follow her online at @Troydailynews

Reach Melanie Yingst at or follow her online at @Troydailynews