Board says goodbye to members

By Cecilia Fox -

TIPP CITY — At their meeting Monday night, the Tipp City Board of Education addressed a pay error for some district employees and and said goodbye to three board members.

Carla Frame and Frank Maus, who remain on the board, bid farewell to outgoing members Kate Johnsen, Tom Merritt, and Scott Dixon. Dixon was unable to attend the meeting.

“We just want to say thank you and express our sincere appreciation for everything you’ve done for our district over the time that you have served on the board of education,” Frame said.

Merritt said that he’s often heard service on the board referred to by others as a “thankless job,” but it is one that he has been thankful to do. He will be continuing his community service on the city council in January.

Johnsen said that the best part of serving on the board has been seeing students grow over the years and succeed after graduation.

The board voted Monday to compensate employees for time worked and not paid from 2008-2015. This is due to a scheduling error, district treasurer Dave Stevens said.

“When you have a leap year, there is a chance that you have employees that are contracted for 260 work days, but there’s actually 261 or 262 depending when holidays are or when the school year starts or finishes,” Stevens explained. The district did not take into account those extra days during that time period, he said.

Roughly 22 classified staff members were affected by this error, and worked one or two days more than their contract in those years, Stevens said.

In other business, the board also voted to approve the retirement and rehiring of baseball coach Bruce Cahill.

The board also accepted $9,544 in grants from the Tippecanoe Educational Endowment and a donation of $18,330 for the purchase of new Chromebooks from the Baskets for Education auction.

The board also voted to appoint Frame as the president pro tempore to preside over the organizational meeting Jan. 4.

Several parents attended the meeting to thank Tipp City teachers during public comments. Parents emphasized that teachers have a great impact on their students and the community.

“I want to thank all of his former teachers and I also want to thank all of his future teachers for helping my son be the kid he is,” parent Courtney Medlar said.

By Cecilia Fox