Council votes 7-1 against TRF appointments

Concerns about city’s role expressed

By Melanie Yingst - Troy Daily News

TROY — Troy City Council voted 7-1 against the proposed appointments of the director of Service and Safety and the city auditor to the board of directors of a new non-profit organization called the Troy Reinvestment Fund (TRF).

Council member John Twilliger was not present at the meeting on Tuesday.

Prior to the vote, personnel committee member Tom Kendall withdrew his support of the recommendation.

“I have since learned that there is no support to encumber or appropriate or other wise expend $500,000 of city taxpayers’ money for this proposed purpose. As such, there does not seem a need to place anyone from within the city administration on this committee. If anyone would like to independently join or become a part of an advisory non-profit, that is their personal prerogative. With this in mind, I would like to withdraw my support for this legislation and the council may take whatever action they deem necessary,” Kendall said.

Council member and personnel committee member Todd Severt said he was contacted by City Auditor John Frigge by email and stated Frigge expressed some concerns about the appointment. Frigge was not present at the council meeting.

Council member Bobby Phillips said he reviewed the committee meeting online and said he, too, had “some real serious reservations about the city’s involvement in these sorts of things.”

Phillips said he supports non-profits and organizations, but had concerns about city funds being put into a non-profit organization with no council oversight.

At last week’s personnel committee meeting, Director of Public Service and Safety Patrick Titterington said the TRF’s primary purpose would to facilitate reinvestment primarily in the downtown through the non-profit organization. Other members of the TRF included Mike Twiss, Mike Earhart and Doug Lins.

Council member Bill Twiss was the lone supporter of the resolution. Twiss said he was in favor of the legislation supporting economic development.

“If we have citizens that are willing to help support and meet a gap they need for funding for some of the redevelopment of the downtown I think that would be great,” he said after the meeting. “I know it’s sort of outside of our normal thinking, but other cities have had some success with it and talked how it has helped their redevelopment of their downtown. I think it’s something we should look at because it’s different thant what we’ve done before.”

A committee meeting presentation set for Wednesday by the TRF and its representative, William McGraw, was canceled.

The following actions were taken by council for the following agenda items:

• A public hearing to rezone 44 Peters Ave. from M-2 Industrial to planned development was held. No one spoke in favor or against the ordinance. The rezoning issue will have a third reading at the next council meeting.

The applicant and owner is Jason Marko for the U-Stor-It self-storage business. The applicant’s intention is to construct a second separate building of self-storage units.

• R-4-2019 — Resolution for a small business development loan for Slimline Surgical Devices, dba, Canyon Run Engineering Technologies for $83,737.50 with emergency designation was approved.

• R-5-2019 — Resolution to bid replacement of the programmable logic controllers system at the Waste Water Treatment plant at a cost not to exceed $170,000 was approved.

• R-6-2019 — Resolution to name event/concession area of Miami Shores Golf Course clubhouse “The Shoreline” was approved

• R-7-2019 — Resolution to amend fee schedule to adjust cemetery fees. Council approved the fees which, will become effective April 1.

• O-4-2019 — Ordinance to authorize lime agreement with the city of Dayton. The first year’s cost is estimated at $285,000. The city of Dayton requested a five-year agreement. Law Director Grant Kerber requested a second reading due to the contract arriving on Tuesday for further review. Kerber said he suspected last week’s water main break in the city of Dayton caused the delay.

• O-5-2019 — Ordinance for Treasure Island agreements for concerts for alcohol use and sales for June 29 and Aug. 3. The ordinance was approved 7-1, with Twiss being the lone vote against it. Twiss said he supports outdoor events and concerts, but does not support the sale of alcohol at family events on city property.

Concerns about city’s role expressed

By Melanie Yingst

Troy Daily News

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