Council OKs City Hall parking agreement

City to pay $96,905 total to FUMC with 5-year lease

By Melanie Yingst - Troy Daily News

TROY — The Troy City Council approved the City Hall parking agreement, the new timed downtown parking plan, as well as several new housing plats at its regular meeting on Monday.

Council approved the resolution with seven members voting yes, one voting no and another abstaining from voting for the city to enter into a five-year agreement with First United Methodist Church for use of their parking lot for employees.

The agreement is for the city to pay $17,945 for 2019 and $19,740 per year for 2020-2023. The total for all five years is $96,905. Due to the five-year agreement and the total amount exceeding the city’s $50,000 threshold for purchases, city staff needed council approval.

President Marty Baker asked if the city has considered purchasing property in the area to create additional parking.

Director of Public Service and Safety Patrick Titterington said the city’s newest parking lot Mulberry Street by the police station cost $350,000 to acquire property. He said legal and other issues deemed it cost-prohibitive to acquire property for parking several years ago.

Baker asked if any other churches within the parking distance of City Hall or downtown have been approached to rent their lots. Titterington said the city spoke to a church in the Mulberry Street area about using their lot for additional space and the church declined.

Council member Robin Oda voted no against the resolution. Council member Bobby Phillips abstained from voting due to being a member of the church and its finance committee. Oda said she voted no because she didn’t agree with using taxpayer money to provide parking for city employees. She said if employees wanted to rent spaces from the church themselves, she’d support it.

According to the committee report, the city has had an agreement with First United Methodist since 2004 for use of the First Place parking lot. The parking lot has 38 spaces for City Hall parking and six spaces for the Troy Area Chamber of Commerce.

The current agreement expired at the end of 2018, and city staff has been reviewing the agreement with the church. The church proposed a new use agreement. In 2018, the city paid $15,605 for the use of the parking lot.

Resident Andrew Luring questioned if Troy Area Chamber of Commerce provided funds for the lots. The city provides six lots for the chamber. The city has paid for their parking spots since 2004, Titterington said. Luring asked if there were plans for a long-range solution to the parking issues like a permanent structure “so we don’t keep spending this money.”

Titterington noted the downtown riverfront study and Wolpert parking study did state the need for a long-term solution to downtown parking and “that a parking structure may become necessary at some time.”

President Baker said while the city will continue to look at long-term solutions, the parking lot agreement was an immediate need. Baker also noted the six-month notification to abandon the agreement.

The following ordinances were adopted at city council:

  • O-7-2019 — Halifax Estates Subdivision Section 5, final plat approval and right-of-way dedication — First reading
  • O-8-2019 — Heritage of the Troy Country Club Subdivision, final plat approval and right-of-way dedication — First reading
  • O-9-2019 — The Reserve at Washington Subdivision, Section 1, final plat approval and right-of-way dedication — First reading
  • O-10-2019 — Final Record Plan, Villas of Halifax Planned Development. Council member Tom Kendall abstained from voting on this ordinance due to his plans to purchase a property within the development.
  • O-11-2019 — Amend Ordinance Sections regarding parking (timed parking and no Saturday enforcement) — First reading, ending the moratorium. The moratorium will end on March 24. For more information on the downtown moratorium on timed parking and new timed spaces, see Wednesday’s edition of Miami Valley Today.
City to pay $96,905 total to FUMC with 5-year lease

By Melanie Yingst

Troy Daily News

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