Board OKs $13K quote for election support

Dominion Voting to provide off-site and on-site services

By Cecilia Fox - Miami Valley Today

MIAMI COUNTY — At their meeting Monday, the Miami County Board of Elections accepted a quote for election support for the upcoming May primary.

The board accepted a quote for $13,000 from Dominion Voting, which includes off-site programming, on-site prep work and database review, and on-site Election Day support as directed by the state, according to the board’s Deputy Director Ian Ridgeway.

“It’s more than we’ve done in the past, but these are specifically the items that the state directed us to contract with Dominion for,” he said. The board is under state oversight following issues with the November 2018 election, when more than 6,000 ballots went uncounted.

The board also accepted a quote from the West Milton Rotary for the delivery of voting equipment to polling places on Election Day. The Rotary quoted the board $12 per machine to be moved, three vans at $200 a van, as well as gas and insurance costs, for a total of $3,091.

Board member Jim Oda asked how the cost compared to the last election, during which the club also provided moving services. Ridgeway said the cost was roughly the same.

The board of elections also reviewed the chargeback reports from last year’s elections, which detail the costs of the primary and general elections.

Ridgeway said there was “nothing glaring” in the reports, which were reviewed by the county auditor. The total chargeable cost to subdivisions in the county for the November 2018 election was $1,726 for ballots, $5,114 for advertising, for a total of $6,841.

“Do you believe this is a good use of taxpayer money to use Maximus rather than using our own staff?” board member Rob Long asked.

Ridgeway said “absolutely,” adding that he has talked to others who do their own chargeback reports who said that the process is time-consuming and difficult.

The board also met in executive session to discuss cyber security, as well as the search for a new director. No action was taken.

Dominion Voting to provide off-site and on-site services

By Cecilia Fox

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