Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information filed by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

March 31

JAIL ISSUE: A deputy was dispatched to the Incarceration Facility on report of two inmates having been involved in a fight. The inmates were already separated upon the deputy’s arrival. The deputy collected statements from the corrections officers directly involved, and filed charges accordingly on both inmates. Jason Adkins, 43, of Troy, was charged with assault. Tony Blankenship, 23, of Dayton, also was charged with assault.

CRIMINAL DAMAGE: The speed trailer was picked up at 2940 Merrimont Road, Concord Twp., and was to be transported to 57 E. Cross St., Potsdam. It was discovered the stabilizing bar that holds up the speed limit sign was missing.

OVI: Lisa Luttmer, 23, of St. Henry, was charged with OVI of 0.141 BAC in the area of Klinger Road and State Route 721, Bradford.

April 1

ID THEFT: A resident in the 3000 block of West State Route 41, Concord Twp., reported possible identity theft.

THEFT: A report of theft was filed in the 2300 block of LeFevre Road, Staunton Twp.

April 2

FRAUD: A Bethel Twp. resident advised he was contacted by a male, who advised him that he can get him a personal loan. The resident bought Wal-Mart gift cards for $250 and sent the information to this male over the phone. The resident advised his bank is looking into this matter and requested a report from jaw enforcement before they investigate.

BURGLARY: A resident in the 300 block of West Peterson Road, Staunton Twp., reported a burglary.

OVI: A deputy filed an OVI charge against Crystal Herrick, 44, of Tipp City, from an incident on Feb. 4.

April 3

OBSTRUCTION: A deputy filed charges of obstructing official business against Drew Siegfried, 34, of West Milton, from an incident on Jan. 5 in the 4000 block of Frederick Garland Road.

CRIMINAL DAMAGE: Michael Smith, 41, of Springfield, was charged with criminal damaging.

ASSIST CITIZEN: Deputies responded to a suspicious individual at North Dixie Drive and North County Road 25-A. After making contact with an individual sitting in his car by the river, a male was detained. A suicide note was found in the vehicle, and the male was voluntarily transported to UVMC for a mental evaluation.

FRAUD: A Tipp City resident reported Pay Pal contacted him and advised him that his account was “hacked” by an unknown person. This apparently occurred sometime during April 2018. Pay Pal advised him that there was an attempt to post a $1108.54 charge to his account by a company named dealsallyea out of Maryland. He advised that his account has been since cancelled and that he was never out of any money as a result of this. He requested that a local report be done to document this incident.

OVERDOSE: Deputies responded at the request of Bradford EMS to the 300 block of South Miami Street, Bradford, in reference to a possible drug overdose. The male was transported by EMS to a local hospital.

FRAUD: A deputy responded to a fraud complaint in the 7000 block of Staley Road, Bethel Twp. A credit account was opened with a business in Madison, Wisc., using the complainant’s identity. Items were then purchased using this account and sent to New York. The business is investigating the fraud complaint and requested a local police report.

PARKING COMPLAINT: A parking complaint was reported in the 3900 block of West State Route 41, Concord Twp. It was reported there was approximately 12 vehicles parked at this location and it appeared that they were running a used car lot. The deputy did observe several vehicles parked at the property, both with license plates and without. At that time, the deputy was not able to make contact with the occupants of the residence. After looking at the vehicles on the property, the deputy could only find one that fit all the categories of the Concord Township Junk Vehicle resolution. This vehicle was added to this report. This matter is pending until contact with one of the listed individuals is made.

FRAUD: Residents in the 3000 block of Calumet Road, Union Twp., reported they were the victims of a phone scam that included Google Play Cards and a total of $3,000. This case is currently pending further investigation.

JUNK VEHICLES: Deputies responded to a report of junk vehicles in the 100 block of East 1st Street, Fletcher. Upon inspecting the vehicles and speaking with the residents, the owners were given one week to move their vehicles.

HIT SKIP: A deputy responded to the 4300 block of State Route 41, Elizabeth Twp. The resident showed the deputy where a truck went in his yard, struck a telephone guide wire and left the scene. The deputy was able to get a partial plate, but could not locate any truck matching the description of what the resident described. The deputy located a trim piece from the truck, which belongs to a 2015-2018 Chevy Colorado. It was placed into the property room for safe keeping.