Hobart Arena project $2.3 million over initial budget

Council as a whole to meet on Tuesday to discuss additional funding

By Melanie Yingst - myingst@civitasmedia.com

TROY — Troy City Council will meet as a whole on Tuesday to discuss adding nearly $2.3 million in additional funding for the Hobart Arena renovation and expansion project.

The committee meeting is set for 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 12 at City Hall.

Last September, council authorized to advertise for bids and enter into a contract for the renovation and expansion at a cost not to exceed $7.3 million.

According to the committee report, the best and lowest bidder was submitted at $9.65 million. According to the report, the best and lowest bidder is Monarch Construction.

“Staff and MSA strongly believe that there is nothing to gain and everything to lose by attempting to rebid the project. 2016 is forecast to be as challenging as late 2015, with more Miami Valley projects being solicited for bids, making the competition for skilled labor even greater and the potential project costs even higher,” according to the committee report.

City staff and the project’s architect MSA Sport of Cincinnati said several factors increased the project’s cost. Some of those factors, which were listed in the committee report, include an improved economy, increase in project costs at 30-40 percent, uncertain renovation conditions due to the age of the building, aggressive timeline and phasing to allow for arena events to continue, and other public projects being bid at the same time.

According to the report, the city plans to borrow $1 million in additional bonds to fund the overage. The city plans to pay for the $1.3 million in excess from the city’s general fund.

The city is requesting the legislation to be designated as an emergency due to the 60 day bid opening guarantee. The bid opening was held Nov. 11, 2015.

The design calls for approximately 26,282 square feet of added space mostly to the north of the arena for “back-of-the-house” operation to set up for arena shows, locker rooms, kitchen and multi-purpose area. Renovation work will expand the arena’s corridor to improve pedestrian flow, improved and expanded restroom facilities, improved and expanded concession stand access.

Other areas of the arena will be renovated such as eliminating the space underneath the arena’s seating, which housed some concessions, Troy Skating Club offices and club room.

An expanded south entrance was added too help with entry and exit of patrons,which will include a second main entrance, lobby and box office area.

The main entrance lobby to the arena will be redesigned and become Americans with Disabilities Act compliant.

The project includes capital improvement repairs to the nearly 65-year-old facility.

The expansion and renovation of Hobart Arena is part of the city of Troy’s Riverfront Development project. The Riverfront Development project also includes the $960,000 Treasure Island marina renovation and $1.686 million Treasure Island Park revitalization project. Both Treasure Island projects are currently under way.

Council as a whole to meet on Tuesday to discuss additional funding

By Melanie Yingst