Tipp City Area Arts Council 2019 student art contest results

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TIPP CITY — Kindergarten through 12th grade students submitted 63 pieces of original art for the 2019 Tipp City Area Arts Council Student Art Contest. “Tick-Tock, Anything about Time” will be displayed at Randall Residence, 6400 S. 25A, Tipp City, through June 26.

Randall staff and TCAAC hosted an artist reception and awards ceremony on June 4. Visitors enjoyed food provided by Randall catering and sweets by TCAAC. After viewing the art, the standing-room-only crowd of students and their families, as well as teachers, school administrators, and Randall staff and residents moved to the dining room where awards were presented to students in six age categories.

Sincere appreciation goes to Connie Rozell and the wonderful staff of Randall Residence.

Randall Residence Awards:

• Kindergarten, Roman Zehringer, Nevin Coppock Elementary

• First grade, Jack Carpenter, Milton-Union Elementary

• Second grade, Zachary Carpenter, Milton-Union Elementary

• Third grade, Abigail Hitson, Milton-Union Elementary

• Fourth grade, Benjamin Carpenter, Milton-Union Elementary

• Fifth grade, Eliana Fink, home school

• Sixth-eigth grade, Jianna Nichols, Tippecanoe Middle School

• Ninth-12th grade, Gabriella Huffman, Milton-Union High School

Tipp City Area Arts Council Awards:

• K-first grade: First place Kellon Aronhalt of Nevin Coppock Elementary, second place Jack Carpenter of Milton-Union Elementary, and third place Roman Zehringer of Nevin Coppock Elementary

• Second-third Grades: First place Jackson Minnich of Broadway Elementary, second place Zachary Carpenter of Milton-Union Elementary, third place Abigail Hitson of Milton-Union Elementary

• Fourth-fifth grades: First place Abigail Matthews of Milton-Union Elementary; second place Eliana Fink, home school; third place Katelin Miller, home school

• Sixth-seventh grades: First Heidi Franz, home school; second place Emma Miller, home school; third place Kira Cole of Van Cleve Elementary

• Eigth-ninth grades: First place Jianna Nichols of Tippecanoe Middle School, second place Jianna Nichols of Tippecanoe Middle School, third place Gabriella Huffman of Milton-Union High School

• 10th-12th grades: First place Gemma Miller of Tippecanoe High School, second place Natalie Walker of Butler High School

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