Hayner Hits the Road to Cincinnati

TROY — The Troy-Hayner Cultural Center will host a day trip on Aug. 7 to tour the Historic Cincinnati Music Hall and an Under the Rhine tour of the Over-the-Rhine district.

The Cincinnati Music Hall Tour will take participants backstage and beyond with a tour through private and public spaces in the recently revitalized majestic structure. Cincinnati Music Hall was designed by architect Samuel Hannaford and is considered one of the last and best examples of the Victorian Gothic Revival Style. Some of its spaces most notable features include the steeply-pitched gable roof, the corbelled brick, the tracery featured on the front windows, and the large Rose Window on the facade of the building. Additionally, the facility varies from a traditional performance hall in the fact that Music Hall is actually made up of three distinct and separate buildings; Music Hall, the North Exposition Building, and the South Exposition Building. The design also includes Carriage Passageways designed for easy entrance in the case of bad weather.

In 2016, Cincinnati Music Hall was closed for a 14-month, $143 million renovation. The renovation included the addition of 30,000 additional square feet of usable space, as well as the structural and cosmetic renovation of the building’s traditional performance and event spaces. The space officially opened to the public Oct. 6-7, 2017, with a weekend of performances.

Tour-goers will take a walking tour of Cincinnati to learn about Cincinnati’s hidden history on one of the Top Five Underground Tours in the United States. Enjoy a stroll through the Over-the-Rhine District, home to America’s largest set of historical landmarks. Visit buildings in the Gateway District that were home to more than 130 saloons, bars, beer gardens, and theaters. Then, descend below the city streets to a hidden crypt where some of Cincinnati’s first residents were buried and explore newly discovered tunnels vital to Cincinnati’s brewery heritage.

Lunch will be at the Historic Taft Ale House.

Register and pay online at www.troyhayner.org. For more information, call David at the Hayner at 339-0457.

For more information, visit www.troyhayner.org or call (937) 339-0457.