Local students visit Kings Island

DAYTON — Hundreds of children from local organizations throughout Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky recently embarked on a free day of fun and adventure in celebration of the 112th AAA Children’s Outing at Kings Island on June 25.

“This annual day of fun officially kicks off the summer for hundreds of children in Southwest Ohio,” said Kara Hitchens, AAA spokeswoman. “AAA is appreciative of our members and associates for their generosity each year to create lasting memories.”

Locally, a group of children from the Salvation Army in Piqua attended the day of fun.

The AAA Children’s Outing began in 1907 with AAA members loading their vehicles up to take underprivileged children to local parks and has since evolved into a huge event supported by donations from AAA members. AAA Associates assist children and group leaders from nearly 20 organizations during their special day at the amusement park where the outing has been held since 1975.

Local organizations and agencies can learn more about this annual event and how to attend by calling (513) 762-3100.

For more information, visit www.AAA.com.