Concord Twp. coffers to benefit from new gas tax

Gas tax increase to add $61,000 to road fund

By Melanie Yingst - Troy Daily News

CONCORD TWP. — With the state’s new gas tax increase effective July 1, Concord Township Trustees on Wednesday reviewed the state’s projections, which will add more money to the township’s road and bridge fund.

According to fiscal officer Pat Quillen, the Ohio Department of Transportation projects Concord Township will receive an increase of $61,362 to its road funds for fiscal year 2020. The township received approximately $93,708 from the original 28 cents per gallon tax in fiscal year 2019. The new 10.5 cent gas and 19 cent diesel tax increase, effective July 1, will increase funds to approximately $155,070 in fiscal year of 2020. The state’s fiscal year 2020 began on July 1.

Quillen reported to trustees she wasn’t sure when the increase would begin to pay out to the township, but estimated it would be September or October when the township would begin to see more funds from the state due to the new gas tax.

The funds may only be spent on road-related purchases such as paving, new equipment or other capital expenses.

Miami County Sheriff Office Lt. Tom Wheeler said the sheriff’s office has increased patrols in the Fox Drive area due to reported speeding issues. Wheeler said the sheriff’s office’s speed trailer and data monitor will be placed in the area in the near future to monitor speeds and times of increased traffic to help enforcement and patrol. A resident reported the increase in speeding in the area and asked if speed bumps could be place on the road way. Trustees commented the speed bumps would impede snow removal.

Trustees also reported continued solicitation issues within the township’s neighborhoods. Lt. Wheeler said he would send an email out to patrol to remind them of Concord Township’s ban on solicitation.

Trustee Tom Mercer reported speeding and traffic concerns in the area of Barnhart between Fenner Road and State Route 718. The family of a resident in the area said her elderly parents like to walk on the roadway due to no sidewalks in the area. Mercer said they met with the county engineers and will conduct a speed study in the area.

Road superintendent Neil Rhoades said the township will participate in the annual river clean-up on July 19. Rhoades said he has followed up on the Pine Street flood issues and how residents can combat recent flood issues to move water away from their property.

Trustees Don Pence and Mercer also reported they met with city of Troy engineers regarding Westwood property flood issues and it was a positive meeting.

Pence also said he has been monitoring Newton Township trustees’ discussion regarding sound ordinances and issues. Pence said once a decision has been finalized with help from the county prosecutors, Concord Township may want to review its noise ordinances, which currently addresses only barking dogs and music volumes.

Gas tax increase to add $61,000 to road fund

By Melanie Yingst

Troy Daily News

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