Commissioners OK renewal of sales tax

0.25 percent continues to collect through 2024

By Melanie Yingst - Miami Valley Today

MIAMI COUNTY — The Miami County Commissioners held a public hearing regarding the renewal of a 0.25 percent sales tax for another five years on Tuesday.

No one spoke for or against the issue at the second public hearing, nor did anyone speak at the first hearing held last week. The commissioners then unanimously approved to renew the five-year, 0.25 percent sales tax to commence Oct. 1 through Sept. 30, 2024.

The 0.25 percent sales tax was first approved in 2009.

Commissioner Jack Evans said, “Once again, there’s no increase, it’s the fairest way to tax actually. A fair amount of this, not quite all of it, but a lot of it, goes to support 9-1-1.”

Commissioner Ted Mercer added adjacent counties have higher sales tax than Miami County.

“So I think we are doing well in keeping the sales tax to the lower rate, again no increase,” Mercer said.

Commissioner Greg Simmons said, “I would just like to reiterate what I said earlier at the first hearing. Back in 2009, it was voted on as temporary tax to buy radios for 9-1-1 and since morphed into to actually running 9-1-1. It was supposed to sunset and it did not and it was voted on before to continue. And I realize now, looking at the finances of Miami County, how necessary that this is. I just wished it would have been told that at the beginning.”

In 2018, the 0.25 percent sale tax collected $3,593,261 in revenue, which is collected in the general fund and is mainly used to fund the Miami County Communication Center and its operations, according to officials.

The 0.25 percent sales tax applies to every retail sales transaction, with the exception of watercraft and outboard motors, requiring title and sales of motor vehicles.

Miami County’s current sales tax is 7 percent, one of the lowest in the state and region. Montgomery and Franklin counties sales tax is 7.5 percent and Cuyahoga County is 8 percent — the highest in the state. The following counties have 7.25 percent sales tax: Preble, Darke, Mercer, Shelby, Auglaize, Logan, Champaign and Clark. Greene County has a 6.75 percent sales tax to date.

• Commissioners also approved to pay up to $12,000 to the city of Troy for a 50 percent share of the proposed parking garage study. The study will be conducted by Walker Consultants. The total cost is not to exceed $24,000. The study includes the feasibility of a parking garage in the North Cherry and West Water streets location. A five-year operating and capital proforma and financial analysis and conceptual design is part of the study.

Commissioner Jack Evans said, “This in no way causes the county any obligation to move forward with it after the initial investigation.”

Simmons said, “One of the things I really wanted to see is what it would cost to operate the parking garage, which they will do a five-year operating as part of the study as well. We are definitely just looking at it.”

In other news:

• Commissioners approved to use Govdeals online auction to sell unneeded, obsolete or unfit property, motor vehicles, road machinery, equipment, tools and furnishings for the calendar year. The county can post the assets for sale and buyers can bid online. Buyers will pay a 12.5 percent premium collected by GovDeals. The county will retain the winning bid and pay zero fees. GovDeals will pay the county via paper check for the auctions items. The county will post notices online on the county website and use a GovDeals icon online. Assets will be posted after 15 days at the commissioners’ office and the county auditor’s office and on the county’s website.

• Commissioners approved to abolish the clerk/kennel attendant position at the Miami County Animal Shelter. The shelter is reorganizing operations and the part-time clerk/kennel attendant’s position will become part of the full-time animal control officers duties to increase efficiency, coverage and savings for the county.

• Commissioners approved a change order for the owner rehabilitation (PY 2017 CHIP program) project at 234 N. Madison St., Troy. The change order is for $4,969 for roof repairs and removal of a chimney below the roof. The total cost of the project is now $56,539. The additional cost is to be paid from the county H.O.M.E. grant funds.

At the July 9 meeting, commissioners approved the following items:

— Commissioners signed a change order for the Miami County Plaza Demolition and Waterproofing project. The change order requested an additional $4,219 for the demolition and backfill of an additional tunnel discovered during the demolition. The cost is covered from the general contract contingency allowance. The remaining general contract contingency allowance is currently $80,781. The contract amount remains $689,990.

— 16 1.2 TB 10K hard drives for the auditor/IT department for data centers downtown and at the County Road 25-A campus. When completed, it will add 6.5 TB of additional storage space to each site and expand server space for email and file storage. The cost is not to exceed $3,952.16 from GovConnection Inc.

— Commissioners awarded the 2019 center line and edge line striping and center line layout program to Aero-Mark Inc. of Streetsboro for $185,581.

— Commissioners authorized an employee requisition to fill the vacant full-time position of an Eligibility Referral Supervisor I for the Department of Job and Family Services for a pay rate of $19.58-27.40 per hour.

— Commissioners authorized the disposal of three 2009 Ford Goshen coach transit vehicles. The vehicles are no longer needed and have met their useful life. The vehicles were sold to Stoltz Motors of Troy for a total sales price of $3,000. The vehicles had the following mileage listed: 261,418 miles, 184,663 miles and 264,636 miles.

0.25 percent continues to collect through 2024

By Melanie Yingst

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